We are a bicycle club in Fairbanks, Alaska. We hold numerous rides and races throughout the year -- under the midnight sun in summer, and under the northern lights in winter. Fairbanks is rich with trails suitable for year-round mountain biking, and though many of our roads are hilly and rough-surfaced, we still enjoy our races and group road rides.

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From: FCC ListServ Member joel
Date: Mon 28, Jul 2014
Subject: Nonresponsive Mayor Luke Hopkins

Message from the FCC President.
I have sent Mayor Luke Hopkins two emails regarding the gated trail access in Ester in early July. I have not received a response.
I called Mayor Luke Hopkins office last Thursday and was told he was out of town and would be in the next day and that he would call me back.
I called Mayor Luke Hopkins office on Friday around 2 pm and was told he was in meeting and has some free time around 4 pm to call back. He did not.
As the President of the FCC and local business owner on Ester Dome I would like to find out what the borough will be doing to get the gates opened that are blocking legal public access to trails on the back side of Ester Dome. Club members and many other people have been using this borough easement for years.
Luke Hopkins is blowing off the club and I am not pleased. I am aware that this may be a no win situation for him but that is the job of a public official.
Please contact the Mayor and ask him to respond. His contact info is below.
Joel Buth
FCC President

Luke Hopkins
(907) 459-1300
(907) 459-1102 FAX
Term expires 10/2015

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Wouldn't a bike ride be great right about now?