We are a bicycle club in Fairbanks, Alaska. We hold numerous rides and races throughout the year -- under the midnight sun in summer, and under the northern lights in winter. Fairbanks is rich with trails suitable for year-round mountain biking, and though many of our roads are hilly and rough-surfaced, we still enjoy our races and group road rides.

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From: FCC ListServ Member christopher.knott
Date: Mon 20, Apr 2015
Subject: Spoke 'N Word Weekly for April 20, 2015

Here we go!! As the season starts please make sure your 2015 membership is paid. You can find the link here... http://www.fairbankscycleclub.org/database/membase.cgi

-- Many of the group rides have started for the season. Check with the group ride leaders to see when your favorite ride starts

-- First race is April 30. We will be racing time trial format on Sheep Creek from UAF ski trails to Ivory Jack's. Race start is 7pm.

-- Finally (and least important in terms of riding bikes!) Eli will be taking over the Spoke 'N Word Newsletter starting next week. I, and probably many of you, think seven years of me doing it is long enough... but primarily because Eli will be great!!

Enjoy the rest of the Word...


Have a great week and enjoy the wonderful riding weather!!

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