We are a bicycle club in Fairbanks, Alaska. We hold numerous rides and races throughout the year -- under the midnight sun in summer, and under the northern lights in winter. Fairbanks is rich with trails suitable for year-round mountain biking, and though many of our roads are hilly and rough-surfaced, we still enjoy our races and group road rides.

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From: FCC ListServ Member nobugs
Date: Tue 30, Sep 2014
Subject: Tuesday Ride Canceled

After discussions with Geoff Orth and Tom Clark we've decided to cancel tonight's ride from Isberg Road. Sloppy conditions from the wet snow as well as concern that the evening temperature drop will turn the presently wet roads into ice rinks by the time we'd be driving home convinced us it wasn't worth it.

If the ground clears between now and next week we'll give it another try. If not, that will be it for the year. Meanwhile, stay home tonight, stay dry, and try not to drive if you don't have to. It's going to be ugly after dark.

Dave J.

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