We are a bicycle club in Fairbanks, Alaska. We hold numerous rides and races throughout the year -- under the midnight sun in summer, and under the northern lights in winter. Fairbanks is rich with trails suitable for year-round mountain biking, and though many of our roads are hilly and rough-surfaced, we still enjoy our races and group road rides.

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From: FCC ListServ Member hbest25
Date: Wed 17, Dec 2014
Subject: Skarland & Pearl Creek Trails user meeting/discussion

Dear Bikers,

There is going to be a meeting to discuss the Skarland Trail and Pearl Creek Park trails on Sunday, January 4th, 2pm in Pearl Creek School. The Skarland Trail is one of the oldest ski trails in Fairbanks. It was built by skiers and vigorously defended by skiers as subdivisions went in. But not all the residents are happy to have a dedicated ski trail in their backyards and are pushing to have the track setting end or parallel multi-use trails constructed. Please attend the meeting if you can.

There is also a survey you can fill out to provide some input: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QJBCHBM

If you want to be on the Listserve specific to Skarland Trail and Pearl Creek Park send your email to keeper of the list Tako Reynolds

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