Braving the elements

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Braving the elements

Post by trblsm1 » Mon May 03, 2010 8:24 am

Grand Poobah here! Thanks to Sabrina for giving me that title - but everytime I hear it, I want to check the top of my head to see if there is a jeweled turban sitting there. :roll:

Sunday 05/02 was the first official club ride of the season. Four hardy souls showed up to brave the elements and prove that they are "serious" riders. (Serious? Not in this ride!) We met at the Patty Center at 9 am and rode while braving thunder and lightning, hellfire and brimstone, snow and hail, mosquitos the size of pine cones, and ferocious, snarling dogs. Ok, ok...maybe I am exaggerating a wee bit here. Maybe the Patty Center parking lot only had a few extra drops of water than elsewhere, and maybe it really only sprinkled along our ride, and maybe the ferocious dogs were just one seemingly lost, very shy dog who didn't know enough to get off the road when cars were passing.

Originally we were going to start the season off with a light ride along Sheep Creek Road just to Anne's greenhouse and back to the university for a total of about 10 miles. However, since all of us have been riding since before the snow melted, we decided to continue on. First stop Anne's. Debate - are we too cold or uncomfortable to continue? No? Alrighty then...MDR. Same debate at MDR - onward and upward to Ivory Jacks. What? We're not ready to turn back? Upward some more to the Vallata parking lot. There, I suggested we do another mile so that we could get 20 miles in for the day. The sheer excitement for that mile nearly overwhelmed me. There were a couple chuckles and a comment from one rider "whatever you want to do, Michelle!" (Wow, I just love when people say that to me.) One rider did have to turn around and head back for work but the rest of us continued our journey to wherever.

Once we reached the next little crest, the three remaining riders gathered and headed back for some 30+ mph dashes down the hills. Why is it that we slog so hard and it takes so long to climb those hills and yet coming down them is done in almost a blink of an eye? Something seems a bit backward to me. Hmmmm. One rider went on ahead to go to Goldstream Sports only to find to his great disappointment, the shop was closed on Sunday. Shame on Joel and his crew for taking a weekend day off to enjoy the summer and bike too! 8-)

We continued on to the Patty Center where we parted ways with one more rider who biked home. Sabrina and I put our bikes away and headed over to College Coffeehouse for some much needed hot, caffeinated fuel and to relax and congratulate ourselves on completing a ride without falls, scrapes, nicks, flat tires, broken bones, broken bikes, or emergencies of any sort.

This ride is very much for the faint of heart. If you haven't biked in years, don't have any desire to try to keep up with the pack and would like to ride with a relaxed, friendly, often times silly group of people, this is definitely the group for you. The only requirements are that you must be a member of the bike club and wear a helmet when you ride. A good sense of humor is optional but a good idea. :) Our group is serious about having a good time. We usually end up going for coffee after our rides as well. If people want to bring munchies - they are never turned away (people or munchies). Also this year we decided not to have a set schedule. Well, it wasn't actually a was more that Grand Poobah didn't have the time to get around to making a schedule. But, it seems not having a schedule may work out best overall. For the next couple or so rides, we will meet at the Patty Center and decide where we want to ride. The only *absolute* will be that we will start at 9 am each Sunday morning. After I see how many people are steady groupies, we will begin deciding at the end of the rides what we want to do the following Sunday.

Sabrina would like to also find out if people would be interested in doing another co-ed/easy late evening ride - beginning about 9 pm and possibly lasting up to an hour. This would be a great way for people who can't come out for the currently scheduled rides for varied reasons but still would like to get some riding done.

Come one, come all - I promise you'll have a great time and become a stronger rider in the process!

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