These ride reports are submitted by FCC members and published here. They can be really interesting or deathly boring, but you'll never know which until you read a few. Feel free to contribute, we are nowhere near our 50GB storage limit on the webserver...

There probably won't be any new ride reports made here. The FCC Forum is a much easier place to put ride reports. As of this writing, there are at least four different ride report "channels" on the Forum. So, go there to find new ride report postings...

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Rocky's 2008 Ultrasport Race Report

2008 Ultrasport Race Report

Written by Rocky not very long after the 2008 race, this accounting really gives a sense of the often brutal nature of extreme winter endurance events. Some details were left out, such as him riding home from the Fairbanks airport with his gear, after the race. Spent racers Jeff Oatley and Jay Petervary went out to the airport to pick Rocky up, and saw Rocky on the side of the road, biking home. Jay said "No way," and Jeff knew to not even bother to ask Rocky if he wanted a lift.

2008 Ride Reports

These ride reports were written by Tom Clark. Most are of the Tuesday Night Mountain Bike rides, but as the summer wore on, a few unscheduled and memorable rides were thrown in.

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2001 Ride Reports

These were the first ride reports published on our website, and they offer an interesting take on the Tuesday Night Mountain Bike Rides. In 2001, Liam Wescott decided to write up a ride report after each Tuesday ride. Each one reads quite differently than the schedule does, and helps give an idea of what the rides are like, at least from the perspective of one individual.

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