Welcome to the Fairbanks Cycle Club


We are a bicycle club in Fairbanks, in the Interior of Alaska. We hold numerous rides and races throughout the year — under the midnight sun in summer, and under the northern lights in winter. Fairbanks is rich with trails suitable for year-round mountain biking, and though many of our roads are hilly and rough-surfaced, we still enjoy our races and group road rides.


All activities offered by the club (like the bike swap, group rides, bike races and such) are organized by volunteers. Even our board members are volunteers. So, please contact a board member or event organizer and see how you can help out. It works when everybody does their part.



Whether you want roads or trails, small groups or large, winter or summer or in between, laid back or on fire, we’ve got the rides for you!



Interior Alaska has many miles of roads and trails that are perfect for every kind of race, and we put on as many as we can all year long!



Connect with other cyclists through FCC. We have casual rides, social events, online forums, and an email list. You never have to ride alone again!



Looking for the perfect route for your next ride? FCC has tons of resources on road and trails so you can find new and interesting places to indulge your passion!