Dudes! (male and female)
There will be another Tuesday ride this week. We’ll meet at the top of Ski Boot Hill road (by the KUAC tower), departing at 7:00 sharp. Bring a helmet, a headlight, and warm gear.
To get there, turn north on Ski Boot Hill Road off of Farmers Loop. Where the road splits and the main road goes left, keep going straight instead and follow the road to the top of the hill.
goo.gl/maps/DoJDKEWJRTn <www.facebook.com/ufi/reaction/profile/browser/?ft_ent_identifier=2168197123225507&av=100004542256876> <www.facebook.com/ufi/reaction/profile/browser/?ft_ent_identifier=2168197123225507&av=100004542256876>
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