For all you non-FBers. We had this on FB recently and got some more information from Heath Sandall.
Wanted to let everyone know that a Fairbanks cyclist recently discovered that the bike racks on the MACS buses won’t fit the really fat tires on fatbikes. (Well, she was told that a couple of them do, but the rest don’t.) That’s a bummer for winter cyclists with fatbikes. Keep that in mind if you’re planning to combine biking with busing in the winter.
Heath Sandall <> It’s even a very tight fit for 29ers. It takes a little effort. Plus bikes won’t fit.
To give appropriate recognition… the bus website does note that fatbikes won’t fit.
Fairbanks Cycle Club <> Heath Sandall <> Thanks for that additional information. And, yes, the website does note that, though it’s hard to find.