Had this petition on Facebook, but we realize not everyone is on FB.
I thought you’d be interested in signing this petition from Adventure Cycling Association asking state departments of transportation to follow bicycle safety standards for rumble strip installation.
State transportation agencies continue to install rumble strips on popular bicycle routes and roads with minimal or no shoulder. Federal guidance specifies that rumble strips are only safe for bicyclists when there is a minimum four-foot shoulder available to the right of the rumble strip. This is the standard that should be followed by every state.
Can you join me and take action? Signing this petition allows Adventure Cycling to show broader support from the cycling community in rumble strip advocacy efforts. Click here to sign: actionnetwork.org/petitions/follow-bicycle-safety-standards-for-rumble-strip-installation?source=email&&
Learn more at www.adventurecycling.org/advocacy/safety-advocacy/rumble-strips.