Nikki and Ben ride the short section of Spanky’s (on a less Spanky part) while Dan peaks under Ben’s arm.

Only 6 riders on this Tuesday Night Ride, but we had fun for far more!

This was a new ride that allowed us to connect several great trails – Waterford Trail, the Old Murphy Dome power line trail, and the upper El Dorado Creek Trail. (Not to mention a fun downhill trail that connected the last two.)

The climb up Waterford was pretty easy. A few erosion ruts in places made it a bit tricky at times, as did a few puddles, but mostly it was talking and riding up the easy grade.

We popped out onto the pipeline and followed it to the OMD power line trail and then took that to the start of the O’Connor Creek East Ridge Trail (aka Spanky’s Trail). Yep, we were just there last week. But no worries! We were on Spanky’s for just a short bit.

We discussed doing the spankier part of Spanky’s again, but several of us had been on the ride the week before and not many were up for that much spanking. Dave, Carl and Dan said enough is enough. Ben was game, until he learned we would have a long section of Goldstream Road to get back to the cars. Instead we stuck to the plan and took the trail that goes downhill, connecting Spanky’s to the El Dorado Creek Trail. A bit tricky in some muddy places due to recent rains, but overall a fun downhill! Ben took off first and may have been napping by the time the rest of us caught up.

We ended up on the Eldorado Creek Trail at the old cabin site, where we discussed the old cabin. Eric was definitely napping when he forgot to give everyone the opportunity to go down the Eldorado Creek Trail, an excellent trail for a swim. (He’s slipping.) Instead, we headed up on a fine road/trail all the way back to the pipeline. Along the way we hit a few short but deepish puddles (which got Eric excited) and found some mysterious single-track motocross-looking trails.

Back at the pipeline we stopped for a quick snack and chat. Once Nikki polished off her doughy pretzel she was done with the chatting and got us moving again.

We took a different entrance to the Waterford Trail and then lined up for this rockin’ downhill. Once again Ben led the way while the rest of us had fun cruising the easy stuff and picking our way through the rutted parts. One of the ruts picked on Dan, but he survived and eventually blasted by Eric when Eric hesitated at a puddle. See ya later, soggy boy!

We all made it back to the cars in one piece, where we had time for chats, snacks and drinks.

Report by Eric. Photos by Eric and Dave.

Next ride is the Alder Creek Alibi. (You may want your headlight on this ride.) Check the ride schedule here:

Eric leads Carl and the rest on a spanky-less part of Spanky’s.