This morning I went out to go for a ride and discovered my bike was gone. I had taken it out of my car and leaned it against a tree in my driveway; it would have been mostly out of view behind my car so someone came down my driveway. (It wasn’t locked — I know, dumb!)
It’s a black Trek 2.0 men’s road bike with a women’s seat. It had a distinctive small, brightly colored “Sisters of Sloth” sticker on the front fork, 2 water bottle cages, and a commuter rack that attaches to the seat post and had a bright orange webbing strap on it. The picture in the attached flyer (if attachments are allowed?) is old.
If you see or hear of it, please let me know.
Thanks, Sarah Garland 378-3716
Attachments: BikeFlyer.pdf: