The Fairbanks Cycle Club will be offering a free one-hour online coaching clinic in early June by coach Robbie Ventura, a former professional cyclist. The workshop is open only to Fairbanks Cycle Club (FCC) members.

Now the owner of Vision Quest Coaching, Ventura was a professional cyclist for 12 years, garnering more than 70 wins. He was member of the U.S. World Team and the United States Postal Service Cycling Team, racing in the Tour de France.

Robbie Ventura

The Robbie Ventura Clinic

Thanks to a connection with moreen fried, a long time FCC member, Robbie has offered to give the free clinic, which will be held via Zoom on June 7 at 6 p.m. Also presenting with Robbie will be Dave Noda, who is a multi-Ironman triathlete. If you would like to attend but are not an FCC member or your membership has lapsed, you can sign up or renew here. (Individual Day Memberships will not be valid for this offer, so make sure to select one of the year-long memberships, individual or family.)

Dave Noda, Vision Quest coach, bikes with Fairbanksan Karla Taylor-Welch during Vision Quest cycling camp in Arizona in January 2018.

To register for the event, go here or go to and check for the link under the “Events” dropdown menu. The deadline for signing up is Saturday, June 5, at midnight. A Zoom link will be emailed to attendees on the day of the clinic.

The clinic is aimed at anyone at any level who is interested in improving their cycling. If you feel stuck, want to improve from your current level, are a competitive cyclist, or are just getting into cycling to escape the pandemic, this clinic is for you. It will cover nutrition, training, personal goal setting, bike handling and other topics. This is a valuable resource for any cyclist who is interested in tapping into the strength and experience of a multi-year pro, who has helped train thousands of cyclists at all levels.

To find out more about Ventura go here.

To find out more about Vision Quest Coaching go here.

Robbie Ventura, founder and coach of Vision Quest Coaching (second from left), poses with members of a Vision Quest cycling camp in Arizona in January 2020.

The Story Behind the RV Clinic

Ventura became friends with and coach for FCC members moreen fried and Janice Onorato, who ride in Fairbanks with the Ladies of Leisure, when they attended one of his in-person week-long cycling clinics three years ago in the Great Smoky Mountains. But fried and Onorato, who could be described as active senior recreational cyclists, had not read carefully about the clinic.

“At the orientation dinner, we saw Tour de France commentators, professional cyclists, and Robbie Ventura, retired pro-cyclist and trainer for the US Postal Cycling Team,” fried said. “The question ‘What does not belong in this picture?’ came to mind.”

The women realized they were two fish out of water at the event, which was for elite and pro cyclists preparing for an upcoming race.

“But Robbie was gracious,” fried said. “He asked ‘Since you are here, what are your goals?’”

Fried and Onorato ended up staying for the whole week-long clinic, and Ventura coached and trained them.

“The training team not only accommodated our ability — or lack thereof,” fried said, “but we had a trainer to the pros ride with us all week!”

Fried says that serendipitous mistake has changed her life.

“I have had a cycling coach now for the past three years,” she said, “resulting in improved efficiency and power as a cyclist, overall increased physical and mental stamina.”

Or, as she put it in an unguarded moment.

“I used to suck. Now I suck less.”