Date: Sunday, March 13

Start time and place: 10am, Wickersham Dome Trailhead (Mile 28 Elliott Highway)
Remember that Daylight Savings Time happens Sunday at 2 a.m. We “spring forward” by an hour.

Estimated tour time: 2.5+ hours

Ride description: This ride sponsored by Goldstream Sports and the Fairbanks Cycle Club is a good shakedown for anyone entered in the White Mountains 100 or considering entering sometime in the future. Some of the ride leaders have experience in racing the WM100, as well as other long-distance winter races. They will be able to dispense advice and describe the WM100 course while riding a portion of it. Ride length will depend on riders’ abilities and interest. Short ride will turn around at about Lee’s Cabin, 7 miles from the trailhead (14 mile round trip). If there’s rider interest, another group can go farther. 

Estimated skill/fitness level needed: A minimum of intermediate skills and endurance required. (Route is an out-and-back, so it’s easy to turn around if you’ve overestimated your abilities.) 

No cancel temperature. No dogs allowed.

Leader name and contact info: Joel Buth (907-455-6520;