We had a great first SOS ride despite some challenging conditions. The several inches of new snow built up over the previous few days made for some soft conditions on Sunday. Still, most of the ride was rideable with only a few short sections of bike pushing. The temps were pretty warm and the light was amazing: pink and orange and purple high wispy clouds and pale blue sky.

Eleven people came out to join Travis and Eric on the ride. Several were fatbike newbies! Those new to fatbiking did some struggling in the beginning, but they learned some tips from the veterans and quickly improved. Good fun was had by all.

We headed out from Ivory Jack’s and rode roads and trails to the railroad crossing on Sheep Creek near Ann’s Greenhouse. Five of us turned back there, getting back to Ivory Jack’s a slightly different way.

The rest of the group continued on making a loop around Goldstream Creek. Claire did have an issue where her tire valve core stuck inside the valve cap so it came out when unscrewing the cap. We swapped it for a new valve core and had to pump her tire up quite a bit, but it didn’t take too long and we were moving again soon after. It was nice to have warm temperatures to deal with that mechanical issue.

We are planning another SOS ride on December 11. Check out the details here.