Come join us for an FCC Sundays on Snow fatbike ride! This will be an intermediate speed/skill ride. Come have some fatbike fun!

All riders need to be members of the Fairbanks Cycle Club. One-day memberships are available for $5. (

Date/Start time: March 19, 11am

Start place: Musk Ox Farm (Large Animal Research Station) off Yankovich
Google Maps link:

Estimated tour time/distance: 4 hours and 15-25 miles at depending on conditions.

Route description: Will depend on conditions. Options include going west towards Ester Dome, north towards Ivory Jacks off Goldstream Road, or northwest towards El Dorado Creek Trail.

Estimated skill/fitness level needed: Intermediate skill and fitness level.

Cancelation policy: The ride will be canceled if the Goldstream Creek temperature is 15F below or colder at 9am on the Swingley temp page:

Leader name and contact info: Travis Naibert

The FCC Sundays on Snow (SOS) Tours are free, member-led fatbike tours for members of the Fairbanks Cycle Club. They are run periodically throughout the winter and depend on volunteer tour leaders. If you have any suggestions for improving this program or want to lead a ride, send an email to Eric Troyer:

Do It Yourself!
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