Report by Corrine

It was a small but well-matched group of WOW women tonight. Just Mallory, Hannah and I showed up ready to ride. We were all a little tired. Hannah had just gotten in from the field, Mallory was just back from a big vacation and hadn’t ridden in 3 weeks, and I was still recovering from my Unbound XL experience. But we decided we would give it our best effort and go hard and we did!

There were dark clouds all around, so I took my rain jacket (not just my wind jacket) along and it worked. Since I had it with me, we had no rain on our ride! Yay! I did have a few sprinkles on my way home in the car, though.

We were able to ride in a pace line for almost the entire ride, even halfway out to the Parks Monument. Hannah led the charge on the second half and I got dropped but only a little ways.
We regrouped at the monument and took an obligatory selfie then bombed back down to Cripple Creek.

Amazingly, I led the charge up Isberg. My legs felt better than I expected, although the other two were right behind me. We bombed down Chena Ridge on the steep side and then pace lined it back on Chena Pump.

Chena Pump was pretty bumpy. We kept looking over at the smoother bike path but going 20 mph, we didn’t want to run into walkers. We did finally jump on the bike path for about a mile and it was so much nicer! We wound back through the neighborhood and made our way back to campus, finishing another fast and fun ride!

29 miles
Avg speed 17.2 mph
Fastest speed 41.1 mph on the steep downhill by Mallory