Strong temp inversion. Close to -20F on Goldstream Creek. About -13F at Ivory Jack’s parking lot where we started.

Temp at the start of the ride was a bit chilly. While it was close to -20F on Goldstream Creek, it was about -13F at Ivory Jack’s parking lot where we started.

Nine of us started this ride. One turned back early and then there were eight. We had a good ride. Trail’s in good shape. And temps got noticeably warmer as we climbed. There was some peeling going on. One rider may have said something about feeling practically naked, but we won’t name names.

We rode to the second creek crossing and turned around. An overflow patch there looked solid, if a little wet on top.

No major incidences, except that Leader Eric created a small bike domino chain when he didn’t clear the big dip on the first overflow while leading. Whoops! Lesson for the night: Don’t follow too closely to Eric.

We haven’t got next week figured out yet, but we will soon. We’ll send out notices when we do and put it on the ride page SCHEDULE.

Photos by Jonathan K. and Eric