By Evee:

What started off as 8 grew to 11 along the way to Musher’s Hall. Neal was dealing with a flat riding to the ride, so we picked him and his kiddos up on the way out to Mushers.

Although the hills seemed big, and the grumbles grew as the hills did, the group proved they lived up to the name, and used the Pedal Power to conquer the hills.

There were several cramps along the way, but that didn’t stop the group from making it to Musher’s. While there, we snapped the obligatory group photo, then Evee seemingly took a picture of Anna? But really, it was a fun mountain view with the way the light was playing off the mountains and clouds.

One awkward apology later, we were on our way back. For an “out and back” ride, there were at least 4 separate routes traveled. Matt kept picking up extra miles, some folks rode the route as intended, Neal pulled off early to head home and avoid the potential downpour the clouds looked ready to give.

The majority of the group stopped at Hot Licks. From there, a couple folks rode back to Pioneer Park, and the rest rode straight home.

All in all, a fun but blustery ride. 10 out of 10 would recommend.