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07-17-2024: PPP Ride #12 – Birch Hill Climbing

Report by Monica

We had a great ride on Wednesday, fantastic weather and good spirits! 6 of us headed down the Chena River Bike Path and headed up the Steese Highway to Birch Hill Rd.

One of PPP’s main goals this summer is to utilize as many of the existing bike paths as we can, so we rode up the Birch Hill Rd bike path. It’s definitely a bit of a climb, and when you think you’ve hit the top, you realize it’s a false summit and you still have another little hill to go.

What goes up must come down, and flying down the road took just a few minutes and was over too quickly! We then threaded our way through the neighborhood streets of Lazelle Estates, Shannon Park, and Hamilton Acres…. Our stomachs growling a bit at the scents wafting our way from BBQ grills.

We took a much deserved break at Lat 65 Brewing for a beverage, and to use their Bike Repair Tool Kit (did you know they are one of several bike friendly repair kit hosts in Fairbanks?) to do a little maintenance. All good times must come to an end, so we found the clever little connector bike path that allowed us to get back to the Chena River Bike Path without having to deal with any pesky car traffic.

07-10-2024: PPP Ride #11 – Goldhill Express

Report by Monica

Wednesday’s ride was a bit of a “meet and greet”. Ten of us started from Pioneer Park with the plan of riding out to Ester and taking a mid-ride break at Ursa Major. About half took the Parks Highway, and half went via Goldhill Rd.

The weather was so delightful, and we all really enjoyed our beverages! But, we couldn’t stay there all night, so we headed back to the start. Matthew Layral took a few adventurous souls back via some of the Equinox trails to get a bit of gravel riding in, while the rest of us headed back on the Parks Highway.

06-26-2024: PPP Ride – Loop de Loop

Report from Ginny and Monica

The PPP had fun, excitement, and a mechanical on this ride!

Things started well when the AWFUL smoke that lingered all day cleared up just in time for the ride.

The group first debated the pros and cons of which direction to tackle Farmers Loop, and settled on east to west for 2 reasons. First, to get the big hill out of the way, and second to get a Strava segment called “Escape from Hoboland”.

On the way. Monica got a flat tire. 🙁 She is really out of practice with changing a flat, but Matt got her sorted out.

The group stopped by for treats at Hot Licks, where they saw a flash or two of lightning and a rumble of thunder.

They did get a sprinkle the last mile or so, but made it back to Pioneer Park before any serious rain started.

06-19-2024 PPP Report

Last night was just the perfect night for riding, and we really lucked out weather-wise as parts of town and Fox saw a bit of rain and hail. There were 7 of us that left the parking lot at 6pm, heading around the Badger Rd Bike Path, including 2 new riders. Another group of 3 followed shortly thereafter, and one more joined us at the Nordale Rd intersection, bringing our total number of riders last night to 11.

The first few miles were delightfully shaded, which made the ride such a pleasure. Everyone rode for about 45 minutes at their own pace, and then turned around to head back. Most of us finished within a few minutes, so our timing was excellent! The bike path is in very good shape, although some of the intersections have quite a bit of loose gravel from cars, etc. With not having to stop at stop lights, it was probably the most continuous riding PPP has done all season so far!

I’m the worst as I always forget to take pictures, so if you have any from last night, feel free to drop them in the comments.

06-12-2024 PPP Report

Report by Monica

Although the official route tonight was out to Ester for 🍦, the dark clouds were not exactly screaming for ice cream. So Brenda Elmer, Leslee Fetterhoff, and I decided to switch things up and conquer the Polar Bear instead!

Within a couple miles, the sun started peeking through the clouds, and by the end of our ride, it was nothing but sunshine. Our polar bear definitely looks a little skinny and fresh out of hibernation, but it was a fun ride. We even took a slight detour just to give it an ear!

05-29-2024 PPP Report

Report by Ginny

PPP Ride #5 – Polar Bear Ride

With Monica nursing a Tahitian bug and Evee running a work commitment, I was left to lead the ride solo tonight (with the help of the amazing Brenda)!

I made the executive decision (who was going to argue with me?) to scrap tonight’s Polar Bear Ride (that I hadn’t at all memorized even though we practiced it a few weeks ago) and do NEXT week’s ride THIS week instead (Pioneer Park to Anne’s Green House pull-out via Johansen, Geist, Parks, Sheep Creek extension, Sheep Creek). That way, Monica & Evee will be back in the polar bear saddle next Wednesday!

Tonight’s PPP ride was more like a BBB ride! 13 Bad-Ass Bicycling Babes showed up to ride despite some of the darkest clouds I’ve seen in Fairbanks in a LONG time. Almost HALF of the group were new riders! With a blustery breeze picking up, we set off toward Anne’s Greenhouse with fingers-crossed for a dry ride.

Four of our bodacious boss-bitches sped ahead, making it to the pullout and back home at a blistering pace, while I stayed with the rest of the pack.

Three brilliant buff barracudas peeled off at Sheep Creek Extension and headed back to Pioneer Park by riding through the University. I later heard they had a great shared conversation.
The remaining five brave boundless lady-beasts, full of self-doubt, rallied boldly to Anne’s Greenhouse pullout. For a few gals, this was only their first or second ride of the season, and one of our femme fatales was on a brand new 4-month-old knee!

To say that I was blown away and proud of every single one of these ladies tonight would be an understatement.

Against a steady headwind, the -1% grade heading back toward UAF still made us all blast off like blistering bullets.

On the way back through the University, one decided it was easiest to get home by riding straight down College Road and 3 others kept straight on University Ave. to their homes toward Sophie Station.

Even though all of these beauties broke free at different spots along the ride, everyone would agree that it couldn’t have been a more perfect night for a bike ride with friends (new and old).

As the last of the group and I loaded up our bikes and got into our cars, the sky opened up and all of those pent-up rain came flooding down. We got lucky! Thanks to everyone who rode tonight and for making it a really great ride! I can’t wait for the next one.

05-22-2024 PPP Report

Report by Evee

What started off as 8 grew to 11 along the way to Musher’s Hall. Neal was dealing with a flat riding to the ride, so we picked him and his kiddos up on the way out to Mushers.

Although the hills seemed big, and the grumbles grew as the hills did, the group proved they lived up to the name, and used the Pedal Power to conquer the hills.

There were several cramps along the way, but that didn’t stop the group from making it to Musher’s. While there, we snapped the obligatory group photo, then Evee seemingly took a picture of Anna? But really, it was a fun mountain view with the way the light was playing off the mountains and clouds.

One awkward apology later, we were on our way back. For an “out and back” ride, there were at least 4 separate routes traveled. Matt kept picking up extra miles, some folks rode the route as intended, Neal pulled off early to head home and avoid the potential downpour the clouds looked ready to give.

The majority of the group stopped at Hot Licks. From there, a couple folks rode back to Pioneer Park, and the rest rode straight home.

All in all, a fun but blustery ride. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

05-15-2024 PPP Ride Report

Report by Ginny

Eleven lucky riders, led by Monica, were treated to what might’ve been the most beautiful nights since the leaves popped.

In the warmth of the evening sun, we set off on a mission to round the airport and finish the ride at Black Spruce Brewing. Ginny brought the pretzels!

Although breezier than some folks would prefer, the sky couldn’t have been bluer. When the group came back together near the new bike path in front of Compeau’s, Ginny took to the front of the pack and led the group on a mile of silence to honor and remember our fellow cyclists who have been killed or injured by motorists.

Pedaling around the start of the airport was a slog thanks to a gnarly headwind, however, when we all rounded the corner we felt like speed demons with the wind at our backs. Richard unfortunately had his 2nd flat of the season and decided to head back early.

The last bit of Van Horn led us to the brewery where most of us treated ourselves to a beverage of choice, while Ariane and I gobbled down delicious Gyros from Meg’s Tasty Treats food truck.

Welcome to the four new folks that came out tonight and I can’t wait to see who shows up next Wednesday.

This week’s ride route.

PPP Ride Report 05/08/2024

Poetic report by Brittany Karns:

Twelve bikers set off tentatively into the rain

The luck was with us, quickly the sun came out again

Unfortunately a flat tire made Richard for cookies late

But we very much enjoyed biking Fairbanks largest figure eight!

05-01-2024 PPP Report

When the snow flurries were blowing earlier in the day, I certainly had reservations about how this first ride would go. But thankfully the sun came out and so did the riders! It was a bit on the chilly side still, and when the wind hit, it definitely made for some cold fingers.

We had a relatively short ride last night, 8.5 miles, just to break in the overwintered bikes and bodies. There were lots of smiles at the end, and I’m happy to report that no one had any mechanical difficulties (which is the way we like it!) We had 12 riders last night, which is fantastic for a first ride, and I’d like to thank everyone who came out. Hope to see you all (plus your one friend per Ginny Kinne) next week!

Now, make sure you log all those miles from yesterday into Love to Ride for the Fairbanks Cycle Club!