Creamer’s Refuge Tuesday Lunch Rides

What: Brisk-paced rides on the ADMA trails. Rides may not necessarily be a hammerfest, but riders will try to maximize lunch hour riding so the group may not always stay together. Come each week and try to get faster! We’ll start with a five mile loop and add on as trails firm up.

Where and When: Every Tuesday at noon. Meet at the Beaver Sports parking lot toward the back. Be ready to ride by 12:05. No waiting. Rides will be on the ADMA trails on Creamer’s Field Wildlife Refuge and last approximately 45 minutes to just under an hour.

Who: Rides are open to all FCC members. Temporary memberships are available.

How much: Just your FCC membership.

HELMETS mandatory. If you’re used to wearing a thick hat, don’t worry. Wear a thin hat or buff. The combination of thin hat, helmet, and exertion should keep you warm. Also, please bring water, snack, and a simple tool kit. (You provide the bike. If you don’t have one, we have a list of places in town that rent fatbikes on our Winter Rides page.)

Warning note: Because the group may not stay together, riders should prepare to be independent. The trails have many intersections and turns. If you aren’t familiar with the ADMA trail, let the ride leader know and she’ll make sure you won’t get lost. Even so, come prepared with at least two forms of navigation. We have listed some references below. Be aware that only the Trail Forks map shows the side trail that leads to Beaver Sports. Note carefully where that trail meets the main trail.

Also, we encourage everyone who uses the groomed ADMA trails to buy a trail pass.

Dogs: Well-behaved dogs are allowed on this ride. However, be aware that these are mushing trails. Loose dogs can be a real problem if they get tangled with a team. If you want to bring your dog please consider attaching it to you or your bike. There are a number of products that allow you to bike with your dogs. Bikejoring is popular with many people. For joring equipment, check with local bike stores, Cold Spot Feeds, or Alaska Feed.

Temperature cut-off: This ride doesn’t have a temperature cut-off, so make sure you are properly outfitted for the temperature. (See our Winter Riding Tips.) And as Erica says, “Colder temps means less stopping!!”

Ride coordinator: Erica Betts: betts.erica (at)

Maps for ADMA trails

Other rides: If you want to go on group rides, but these rides don’t work for some reason, there are others in town. Check our Winter Rides page.

Want to go on your own? Try these suggestions.

If you’re new to winter cycling (or just want more info) check out our Winter Riding Tips page.