It takes a lot to run a vibrant, volunteer-driven club. Here you'll find our bylaws, bike swap form, timing sheets, and more.

FCC Articles of IncorporationPDFFCC Articles of Incorporation (1997)
FCC IRS determination letterPDFFCC IRS 501(c)(4) determination letter (1998)
FCC EIN letterPDFFCC EIN assignment letter (1993)
FCC BylawsPDFAmended in April of 2014. You can find the original bylaws here.
FCC LogoGIFA 1202 x 738 pixel, scalable, three-color version of the FCC logo. Only 64KB. Cool.
Prize ideasExcelAn ancient file with a few ideas for race prizes.
Bike swap formPDFThe standard bike swap form, for 2016.
Standard release formPDFNot a bad thing to have people fill out prior to a race.
Race results sheet / Timing formPDFUseful for timing and reporting purposes.
Event "How-To" manualPDFA slightly dated but useful reference for putting on an event.
Trail Marking How-ToPDFHandy reference for trail course marking.
Equinox Clean-up Ride NotesPDFNotes about organizing the clean-up ride the day after the Equinox Marathon. (Source Word document here)
FCC Board Meeting Minutes and ReportsVarietySelf explanatory