It takes a lot to run a vibrant, volunteer-driven club. Here you'll find our bylaws, bike swap form, timing sheets, and more.

FCC BylawsPDFAmended in April of 2014. You can find the original bylaws here.
FCC LogoGIFA 1202 x 738 pixel, scalable, three-color version of the FCC logo. Only 64KB. Cool.
Prize ideasExcelAn ancient file with a few ideas for race prizes.
Bike swap formPDFThe standard bike swap form, for 2016.
One-Day membership formPDFSuitable for single day membership only. $5 per day, does not apply towards general membership.
Standard release formPDFNot a bad thing to have people fill out prior to a race.
Race results sheet / Timing formPDFUseful for timing and reporting purposes.
Event "How-To" manualPDFA slightly dated but useful reference for putting on an event.
Trail Marking How-ToPDFHandy reference for trail course marking.
Equinox Clean-up Ride NotesPDFNotes about organizing the clean-up ride the day after the Equinox Marathon. (Source Word document here)