The FCC Bike Swap is an all-volunteer event we organize for people to buy and sell used bikes and biking equipment. We want to make it easy for people to get out biking! (It’s called a swap, but really it’s a used bike and gear sale.)

The 2024 FCC Bike Swap will be on Saturday, May 18, in the Borealis Pavilion (big blue building with a red roof) on the Tanana Valley State Fairgrounds. Entrance will be at the Blue Gate on the east (far) side of the building. 

The schedule will be:

  • Check-in/gear drop off: 9:30am – 10:30am
  • Sale: 11am – 1pm
  • Cash-out/unsold gear pick-up: 1pm – 2pm

If you would like to volunteer to help make this a success, please contact us (


Bring your bikes and bike-related stuff to the “Check-in/gear drop off.” You fill out and sign some paperwork, and we sell as much of it as we can for you for a commission. Return at the “Cash-out/unsold gear pick-up” time and pick up your bucks and unsold items, and sign out. See below for more details on selling your gear. If you are selling, please try to download and fill out the consignment form ahead of time. We also have a handy-dandy new online-fillable consignment form. (Just fill it out and print it!)

See below for more information on selling.


Looking to buy? Merchandise will be on tables and on the floor of the pavilion, bikes will be in bike racks. There are frequently great deals to be had. Volunteer experts will be on hand to assist with advice, fit, minor adjustments, and more. (We will try to again have credit card capabilities. Cash and checks also work. An ATM will be available.) Bankstown Bike and Ski may be there for free bike checks. 


Safe Kids, USA, and Fairbanks Volunteers in Policing often put on a Kids Bike Rodeo in conjunction with our Bike Swap. It appears to be fun, judging by all the kids having a blast. The rodeo includes a course that kids can ride around the course, avoiding the cones (they run them over, too!), learning how to hand signal, stop, and all that good stuff. Free helmets provided by Kinross Fort Knox, and loaner bikes provided by FCC and Goldstream Sports! (Unfortunately, the VIP Kids Bike Rodeo won’t be able to make it in 2024.)


Useful links:

If you’re unsure of a price for your item(s), use these pricing resources:

How to mark your stuff to sell:

You will need a Consignment Form and some tags and/or stickers. Both will be provided at the swap, but you can download and fill in the Consignment Form now (see link above). A picture of the instructions and an example of a filled out form can be found here.

Directions for the form:

  • Clearly write your name (LAST NAME FIRST).
  • List and briefly describe the items you are selling.
    • Write down your asking price.
    • Write down the lowest price you will take.
      • The lowest price info will be available only to the bike swap volunteers.
      • If you leave the lowest price blank, then the Asking Price is firm.
    • Leave the Sold column blank.
  • DONATE? Want to donate items that don’t sell? If so, mark the form.
  • Read the disclaimer; sign and date the form.
  • Turn in your form.
    • Your form will be given a number if it doesn’t already have one.

Directions for the tags and stickers

  • Write your last name and the item number.
    • Item number is the “Form Number (FCC Use Only)” PLUS the “#” from left side of form.
    • If there is room on the label, put the item’s name (ex: floor pump).
  • Write your asking price.
  • Put your labels/stickers securely on the item.
  • For pairs of items, put a tag on each item
  • Give the items to a volunteer.

Here’s a PDF of the Consignment Form instructions, if you prefer that format.

Have a question? Send an email to fbxcyclist (at)