FCC Board of Directors Online Tools

Updated January 14, 2024

Thank you so much for being an FCC Director! You are helping people help themselves to be healthier and happier! Get on your bikes and ride!

Below are some tools that should be handy for helping you serve out your duties as a board member.

FCC Board Manual: Lots of information pertinent to running the club including online and physical assets.

Online FCC inventory list

FCC Calendar: This has all public club events as well some regular non-club cycling events.
Membership information access (Wild Apricot): Our membership services platform has several useful tools, including how to look up members and how to send emails. This document shows you how to access those tools.

FCC Projects Organization Chart: List of current projects we have going on right now.

FCC website logon page (WordPress): Our official website.

Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws: Our Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, and other documents can be found on the Documents page of our website.

FCC Liability Waiver Form: For any events, such as rides, involving trails, this form needs to be signed for each event. For any events on roads, this form needs to be signed just once a season.


FCC Facebook page

Google account: For our club email, calendar, and various documents under Docs and Sheets.

Network Solutions: Domain name, web forwarding, expiration protection.

PayPal account: Not very active anymore. Is still the place donations are collected. Is occasionally useful for making payments.

QuickBooks: Our QuickBooks sign on page for online bookkeeping.

Siteground: Web hosting, virus protection.

Wells Fargo accounts: Savings and checking accounts. Physical main branch for the club is 794 University Avenue, Fairbanks, 99709 (Phone: 907-474-4100).

Zoom account: For online meetings.