FCC Ride Leader Guidelines and Tools

Updated February 15, 2024

Thank you so much for being an FCC ride leader! You are helping people help themselves to be healthier and happier! Get on your bikes and ride!

We’ve got several rides and I’m including all leaders on these weekly emails, even if you aren’t scheduled to lead a ride this week. Here’s a few reminders:


All riders must sign the liability waiver form. (It’s required by our insurance. Feel free to have people use a pencil because ink doesn’t do well in the cold.) FCC members need sign only once a year. (Except for mountain bike rides, which must be signed for each ride. Winter fatbike rides are NOT considered mountain bike rides.)

Here is the most current list of FCC members who have signed in 2024. Have a version of this available at the rides so people can check to see if they are on it. A printed version would probably be best.

If you have people who need to sign, then please send me a photo of the signed form and mail the paper copy. Here’s a link to the form. You can also find a link at the bottom of the Winter Rides page.

Eric Troyer
President, FCC
2051 Pine Cone Road
Fairbanks, Alaska 99709
Email: fbxcyclist@gmail.com
Cell: 907-978-0967

If there is an accident on your ride, please let the president know and fill out an Incident Report Form. You can also let the person know that all FCC members have some personal insurance coverage while on FCC rides. See our Membership page for more information.


All riders must wear a helmet. (I try to mention that many times in advertising these rides.) If someone shows up without a helmet, don’t have them sign the liability form. They cannot be a part of the official ride. However, these are public trails. We cannot stop them from following us on the trails.


Always make sure to get a head count and get someone to act as caboose. It’s a good idea for the leader and caboose to make sure they have each other’s phone numbers and to have their ringers on.

Unless riders are sufficiently warned that they may get dropped if they fall too far behind, all rides are assumed to be no-drop rides. (And please don’t drop anyone who doesn’t know the trails well.) It’s best to have someone with knowledge of the trails to act as caboose, but anyone will do. Do head counts and check in with the caboose periodically, especially after intersections.


Consider carrying a set of tools for basic repairs. See below for suggested basic tools.

  • Try to carry an extra coat, gloves, and hat
  • Try to carry some extra snacks and water
  • Carry a first aid kit if you own one
  • If you are comfortable with it, you can give riders your cell phone number


If you get some photos and/or a report, send them to fbx.cycle.club@gmail.com. This is a great way to stoke excitement for the rides.

Thank you again for helping to lead rides and helping to get people outside and exercise!


Hopefully, you will never need these, but just in case…

  • An extra tube (Even if your tube isn’t exactly the right size that’s needed, it may work. Too-small tubes can stretch (though less so the colder it gets) and too-large tubes can work if needed. Both should work in the short-term, enough to get someone back to the cars.
  • A pump
  • A small tube of sealant (if you are tubeless)
  • Tire irons
  • A multi-tool and/or set of Allen wrenches
  • A chain tool
  • Having a few different sized quick links can be handy. (Quick links come in different sizes based on the width of the chain.) This video shows how to use quick links, as well as some other possible chain issues: https://www.pinkbike.com/news/park-tool-chain-repair-park-tool-video.html)


FCC Calendar: This has all public club events as well some regular non-club cycling events.

Membership information access (Wild Apricot): Our membership services platform has several useful tools, including how to look up members and how to send emails. This document shows you how to access those tools.

Online weather tools: Especially good for planning winter fatbike rides. If you have a temperature cut-off for your ride, choosing a weather station on the Swingley map can be helpful so everyone knows what webpage to go to determine if the ride is on or not.