FCC Archives

In 2017, we finally rebuilt our Web site. The previous site was a marvel to behold, lovingly built largely through the efforts of Tom Clark. But over time, as FCC grew and started more and different activities, the old site proved to be difficult and time-consuming to maintain.

That raised the issue of what to do with the many years of archives of races, rides, other events, and club lore. Rather than spend the hundreds of hours it would take to migrate that content before launching the new site, we decided to initially archive it. That way it is still accessible to those who are interested, albeit not in the most convenient forms. You may need to have some basic technical skills to find what you’re looking for, but we’ll try to help if you ask. And over time, we may migrate the archives to Web pages to make it more accessible.

Be sure that you want to download any of these files. They are pretty big, particularly the forum archives.

Ride Reports

In 2001 and 2008, we received and published a number of ride reports. Some of these are quite detailed, and provide some detailed information about trails and roads at the time, as well as insights into some of the colorful members of FCC. You’ll also find Rocky Reifenstuhl’s report of the 2008 Iditarod Trail Invitational, the 300 and 1,000-mile races. Check out the Ride Reports Archive.

Race Results

Through 2011, race results were posted as text files (.txt) to the Web site, and an entry added to a master Web page. You can find that archive, going back to 1999, in the Race Results Archive file.

After 2011, we posted results to the FCC Race Results Forum. That is contained in the forums database (see below).


The Events Archive contains all of the historical event information from 2000 to 2017. This includes descriptions of races, rides, and other events, as well as PDFs with the details of what was going on. How this information was presented evolved over time, so it will take some digging to explore it all.


It’s not a club without a newsletter, right? FCC’s Spoke’N’Word has been published on and off since 1995, and the old issues show just how much we’ve changed…and haven’t. You can explore it all in the Newsletter Archive.

FCC Forums

The old FCC Web site used phpBB for club forums, a place where members could hang out and discuss anything about the club and cycling. With the new Web site, we’ve moved to bbPress.

The old forums contain all race results from 2012 on, as well as lots of other updates that the old Web site made to hard to post directly. It also includes a number of Spoke’N’Word newsletters that weren’t produced as PDF files.

You can download the phpBB Forum Code Archive, which is an archive of the last version of phpBB used on the old site. For the forum posts themselves, you can download the phpBB Forum Database. This will require importing to a MySQL server.

Listserv (Email List)

For years FCC ran it’s own listserv, a one-way email list for club announcements. We’ve since moved to a third-party service, but you can find all our old emails in the Listserv Archive.

Bike Swap

This is nothing the typical member needs to worry about, but there is a lot of planning that goes into the annual Bike Swap. Here is an archive of some the documents for putting on the event: 2017.