The Fairbanks Cycle Club hosts a lot of rides and events, all season long. Though volunteers are the backbone of all these rides, it is the umbrella of the Fairbanks Cycle Club that provides insurance, permits for races, a schedule of events, a website, and so on.

Current FCC membership entitles you to participate in almost all of these rides and events at no cost. The few that do have entry fees are well worth the cost.

One of the benefits of FCC membership is our insurance coverage. Our policy covers the club but it also covers individual riders. If you already have health insurance, our policy acts as secondary/excess coverage. You can find out more on this webpage (which includes a claim form).

Membership rates haven’t changed in a long time. They are $30 dollars for individuals and $45 for families. We also have two-week memberships for $10. Our membership used to be from April 1 through March 31. This odd timing was to accommodate our winter rides. In 2023 we moved to a new system, so now you can join whenever you like and your renewal will come up a year later. We’ll send you a reminder. (And you can set it up so that your credit card is charged annually.)  

To join the club or renew your FCC membership, click the button below.

Or, if you’d like to make a donation to the club, click the button below: