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Tuesday Night MTB Ride report – Behind the Vallata Vamp (08/04/2020)

Dan celebrates after a tough climb.

Eight intrepid riders showed up for this ride despite a wet pregame show. It rained all day Monday and it rained off and on Tuesday, even right before the ride start. But nary a drop fell on us during the ride!

Still, we could have gotten wet. We had to get from the Vallata restaurant to Old Murphy Dome Road somehow. Eric offered several options, including (with a gleam in his eye) O’Connor Creek Trail. He insisted it would be great, considering what a dry year we have been having. Dave would have none of it. He claimed co-leader veto power. The group backed Dave and the coup was complete.

We biked over to Jones Road and made our way via roads and trail to the Moose Mountain power line trail. Quite a few puddles and some mud, but mostly the MM trail is in great shape. The sun even came out a bit as we neared OMD Road.

We rode OMD to the Treasure Creek Trail turnoff. After discussing TC Trail, we re-saddled for the next part of the ride. But first Dan, the only one with clip-less pedals (you know, the ones with clips), entertained us by failing to unclip as he lost his balance. (We’re sorry, Dan, if some of us snickered. At least one of us showed concern, right? That’s pretty good for MTB guys.)

After Dan righted himself, we regained the fuel break trail along OMD and then crossed onto the power line trail until we finally got to the start of the trail that makes this ride this ride. Officially, the trail is called the O’Connor Creek East Ridge Trail. Bleh. It was nicknamed Spanky’s by former FCC legend Rocky Reifenstuhl. Rocky rode it many times and was spanked sufficiently to give the trail an appropriate name for bikers. That is one rooty trail!

Our group was spanked sufficiently. A few of us had fatty bikes and were loving the cushioning the fat tires gave. Dan had his full boinger and was enjoying all the boings. Eric gave a little history of the trail at one break and then we were off for more spanking.

As we neared Vista Gold subdivision at the top of the Pandora Road complex, Eric (a resident of the area) gave the group a choice. One route would use subdivision roads before reconnecting with the trails. The other route had more spanking. Eric tried to be judicious with his words, but the meaning came through loud and clear. Ken called it. Do you want to be a wimp or a tough guy? The group voted to be tough guys!

We rode trails around the subdivision and finally attained the top of the last downhill. There, Eric gave more choices. More spanking or less spanking? Tough guys or wimps? Jon save the group by rephrasing the argument. The “less spanking” route he labeled “more logical.” Others jumped onto his bandwagon. Let’s take the more logical route!

So, we bombed down the last part of Spanky’s (which isn’t quite as spanky as the rest and is a rocking’ downhill) and finally came out on Skyflight Road above the Vallata. From there it was easy (I mean, logical) riding back to the cars.

The ride was given a big thumbs up by the group. Tough guys. Even if they are logical.

Report and photos by Eric.

Next ride is the Waterford Trail Plus. Check the ride schedule here: https://www.fairbankscycleclub.org/rides/tuesday-night-mountain-bike-rides/

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*DOIN’ THE DALTON UPDATE * Here’s an update on our earlier post IN-STATE LUXURY BIKE CAMPING about doing a supported bike trip on the Dalton Highway.
“Had a great trip up the Dalton…nobody but us and the truckers, who despite their rep, slowed down, pulled over and waved. We of course did the same. Got some great miles in a beautiful part of our state.”
Check the previous post here:
www.fairbankscycleclub.org/2020/07/fcc-anti-social-media-newsletter-12/ ( www.fairbankscycleclub.org/2020/07/fcc-anti-social-media-newsletter-12/ ) —-
*THE FALL YOUTH MTB PROGRAM IS FULL * Coach Hilary Saucy thanks everyone for contributing to its success this summer!
*HOODOO MTB RACE SERIES STARTS AUG 16 * It’s time to sign up for the Hoo Doo Cup Mountain Bike Race Series!  More information and registration can be found at the link below.
runsignup.com/Race/AK/Fairbanks/HooDooCupRaceSeries ( runsignup.com/Race/AK/Fairbanks/HooDooCupRaceSeries ) —-
*FCC NEEDS OFFICERS FOR BOARD * Fairbanks Cycle Club is recruiting new officers for the Board or Directors. The president, vice president, and treasurer will NOT seek reelection in October for professional and personal reasons. These positions will remain vacant until filled.
The time commitment of each position depends on the goals set by the board. For more information contact current board president Rachael Kvapil at [email protected]

FCC Anti-social media newsletter

*TUESDAY NIGHT MTB RIDE REPORT*Another great Tuesday Night Ride this past Tuesday. Check out the ride report here:
*BIKE BITS ARTICLE FAV: Cyclist rides 440 miles in 24 hours to propose*Once again, here are some incredible articles and videos from Adventure Cycling’s “Bike Bits,” including this one about a guy who rode hundreds of miles across France to propose. Ain’t that romantic?
See this and more in this edition of Bike Bits:
*BIKE REPAIR CLINIC*Beaver Sports is holding another bike repair clinic this Friday (today) starting at 5:30PM.
*WE PASSED 17,000 MILES! *All right you guys! We passed 17,000 miles for Love to Ride’s May-Sept Biking Challenge! We’re closing in on 1,000 trips cycled!
And now we’re at 21 riders! Anybody else out there want to join? It’s pretty easy. Check out the link below.
If you already use one of the below apps, you can connect them so that your rides are automatically updated (and your past rides will be counted). You can also enter your miles manually. Whatever your flavor, if you are a Fairbanks cyclist, we would love for you to be a part of our group!
Strava MapMyRide Endomondo The Love to Ride app
Oh, and if you’re looking for people to ride with, check out our weekly rides here:
Beaver Sports also has a weekly MTB ride starting at 5pm every Thursday.
*IN-STATE LUXURY BIKE CAMPING *An FCC member let us know of a 10-day riding/camping trip she and her partner are doing on the Dalton Highway.
“We found a local company who is going to SAG for us, Arctic Wild arcticwild.com/. They guide trips throughout the state and were willing to give this a shot. When I explained what it entailed, they figured it was like one of their rafting trips, but on wheels. It is a win/win…we support one of our local companies at this time of Covid, and we get to bike ‘luxury style’ by Alaskan standards..they set up and break down camp while we ride and cook for us. Life is good!”
We also checked with long-time local company Northern Alaska Tour Company. Here’s their response:
“We do exactly that through the Dalton Highway Express ( www.daltonhighwayexpress.com/). Drop off and pick up anywhere on the Dalton, and can accommodate gear. Normal service isn’t quite like a SAG, but they’re willing to be flexible. Particularly this summer. We do supply runs for hikers all the time. Email to use is [email protected].”
So, if you antsy for a biking/camping trip, consider a trip up the Dalton (perhaps elsewhere depending on how flexible the companies are). We’ve got a beautiful state. This is the summer to really enjoy and explore!
*TRANSPORTATION PLANNING COMMENT OPPORTUNITY*Here’s an opportunity to comment on transportation funding for biking or any other type of transportation. There are several bike/ped specific projects on the list, as well as projects that would affect how bikes and vehicles interact. The summary is well done and easy to understand.
Shared from Fairbanks Area Surface Transportation Planning 🗣️ Opportunity for public comment!
💰 The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is the tool we use to plan/prioritize projects & track our spending. The 2019-2023 TIP is being amended & we need your input!
🌐 Please head to www.fastplanning.us/TIP3, read the summary, analyze options A & B, & leave your comments in the comment box provided.
📅 The comment period will close on August 15th.

Tuesday Night MTB Ride report – Pipeline Viewpoint Vacation (07/22/2020)

John and Dave climb the bypass around the viewpoint rock outcrop.

Only four of us showed up for the truncated Pipeline Viewpoint Vacation. Too bad for those who stayed home. It was an incredible ride! Awesome trail! Outstanding views! Great company!

We started at the end-of-pavement faux cul-de-sac on Gilmore Trail Road. Chilly and wet, which means – no bugs! And no worries of sunburn or heat stroke!

Up the dirt part of Gilmore Trail, then off onto the Trapper Trail, which was better than expected – lots of ruts, puddles, and snotty mud. Yeehaw! We all rode slow, which means maybe we’re learning something about safety.

John demonstrated that taking Aristotle’s middle path through the puddles is usually — usually — the best route.

We took the bypass around the viewpoint rock outcrop, the first time we’ve taken that route up in a long time. All rideable!

Carl’s drivetrain started giving him problems – something about too much dirt in the chain. He stepped off to check it out, but forgot to check out what he was stepping off into. It was air. Down he went! Fortunately, he didn’t get hurt. Made Eric laugh, though.

At the next intersection, Eric and Carl used different methods to clean their drivetrains. Eric syphoned his Camelback and got it flowing in a nice stream. Carl used his mouth for the hydraulic power.

We rode to the new-ish Fort Knox bypass. Dave pointed out that the bypass requires a big drop and then a big climb. Eric suggested the group could turn around there, but the gang wanted to press on so we did. Besides, Eric wanted to check out the new topping Fort Knox put on the coarse section of rock on the reroute. (It looked good!)

We went all the way to where the trail crossed the Fort Knox mine and decided that was enough. It was breezy on top to add to the wet and cold. Just yummy for a long downhill!

On the way back we stopped by the viewpoint rock outcrop and took in the view. Outstanding! It was a real “cloud pleaser”!

Then back to all the puddles. Eric discovered that taking John’s middle path route is a great slo-mo adrenaline rush. Since you can’t see through the water, you never know how close you are to a rut! Carl discovered that if you are in a puddle and you step off into a slippery part you can slide down far enough to get your pants wet! But the best was Dave. He was so cute. He decided to try to keep his feet dry at the END of the ride!

We made it back to the cars without any blood or injuries, but we decided it was a great ride anyway.

P.S. Eric’s adventure continued when one of the front ball joints of his truck failed on the drive home. No injuries, but more adrenaline. At least it wasn’t his bike!

Eric’s final adrenaline rush for the night.
Next day bike clean up shows the bike caked in fun!

Report and photos by Eric.

Next ride is the Ester Dome Singletrack Plus. Check the ride schedule here: https://www.fairbankscycleclub.org/rides/tuesday-night-mountain-bike-rides/

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*FCC FACEBOOK WEEKLY WRAP-UP*(An anti-social media compendium for our non-Facebook members)

*GREAT AMERICAN OUTDOORS ACT NEEDS SUPPORT*The Great American Outdoors Act is moving forward and needs your help. You can sign on the IMBA-organized letter in the link or take this action suggested by the Alaska Outdoor Alliance (or do both).
Urge Congressman Young to vote YES on GAOA with these suggested talking points:
– Outdoor recreation infrastructure on public lands is vital to Alaska’s economy and way of life.
– Please invest in Alaska’s outdoors by voting YES for the Great American Outdoors Act.
– Include a story about how outdoor recreation on public lands benefits your professional or personal interests.
Call Don Young’s DC office: 202.225.5765 or email staffer [email protected]
Shared from: International Mountain Bicycling Association
The bill passed the Senate on June 17th and the House is expected to vote next week and they need to hear from you.
Tell your House Representative to show support for the Great American Outdoors Act!
The bill puts billions into parks and public lands across the country when more Americans than ever are discovering the need for more trails close to home.📍
It fully funds the Land and Water Conservation Fund and addresses the federal trail maintenance backlog. ⛏
Find out how you can help 👇👇
*FIFTH AVENUE RECONSTRUCTION SURVEY*Do you bike downtown? If so, take this quick survey. Your voice matters!
Shared from Alaska Department of Transportation & Public FacilitiesLike as Your Page
LAST CHANCE, #Fairbanks! We want your help deciding what to do with 5th Ave downtown. Green space, on-street parking, more room for bikes? The open comment period ends soon–we need to hear from you NOW. Click the link! Take the survey! Just do it! Thanks.
*PARKS, PEAKS AND PRAIRIES ROUTE*Adventure Cycling has a new touring route!
Shared from Adventure Cycling Association
Get the insider scoop on riding Adventure Cycling’s newest route Parks, Peaks & Prairies, from cartographer Nathan Taylor.
*TUESDAY NIGHT MTB RIDE REPORT*Another great Tuesday Night Ride this past Tuesday. Check out the ride report here:
*BIKE REPAIR CLINIC*Beaver Sports is holding another bike repair clinic this Friday (today) starting at 5:30PM!
*FCC RIDES FOR WOMEN*If you’re a woman who likes to road bike fast, we’ve got the WOW (Women on Wheels) rides on Wednesdays. If you like to go a little more leisurely check out the LOL (Ladies of Leisure) on Thursdays. (If you aren’t sure yet where you fit in, try the LOL first. If you’re out in front, then you might want to try the WOW.) Find out about both weekly rides here:
*IDEAS FOR STOPPING A CHARGING DOG*Here’s an interesting post. Not sure which pepper spray the author is referring to, small personal ones or bigger bear sprays. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Smaller ones are easier to manipulate and carry, but they don’t spray much. Bigger ones release a big cone of spray, but are harder to deal with (though they fit nicely into a feed bag). But with either one you have to be really careful about air currents. Spraying yourself in the face will NOT help!
Shared from Adventure Cycling Association
How to Stop a Charging Dog tinyurl.com/yajomz5e
*NO IGUANA WORRIES IN FAIRBANKS!*Another in the series on why we appreciate biking in the Far North!
Florida Man Hospitalized After Iguana Runs Into Bike Causing Crash tinyurl.com/y8d5wfjk

Tuesday Night MTB Ride report – Circle-Fbx Trail Tramp (07/14/2020)

Showers, showers all around, but none fell on us for the Circle-Fairbanks Trail Tramp version of the Tuesday Night MTB Ride.

Did we stay dry? Heck, no! Puddles. Then more puddles. Then even more puddles! Huge puddles! Long puddles! Slippery puddles! Deep puddles! Everyone ended up with wet feet and legs. Well, Carl got wetter than that, but he insisted on swimming!

We drove through several rain showers to the Circle-Fairbanks Trailhead, but the six of us took off under dry skies. We rode 4 miles of mostly down the Fairbanks Creek Road. Then 2.5 miles of mostly up, including a couple of really steep parts. But it they were really rocky and eroded, so it was OK. All that was just to access the Circle-Fairbanks Trail. No one wanted to go to Twelvemile Summit, so we turned back toward the trailhead. Then it was another nearly 1.5 miles of up with a really, really steep part and even more rocks and erosion. Sound fun yet?!

Then we rode the ridge line the trail is on. Ups and downs, but don’t worry, there were still some steep, rocky ups, though bike-able.

We stopped at the highest viewpoint, taking in a gorgeous 360-degree view. Ken was amazed. He’s lived up here 30+ years and didn’t know this was in his backyard! From our vantage point we could see Fort Knox Mine, the Skiland area, and Pedro Dome and much more.

Finally we got some real down. Time to ride and relax? Not hardly! That downhill is at the roughest, rockiest part of the whole ride! We got to the bottom and shook out our cramping hands. Now does it sound fun?! (Did I mention the mosquitoes?)

From there we had ups, downs, and flats. The flats were the most fun because of all the puddles, puddles, puddles! We finally intersected the trail down to Chatanika. No one wanted to head down there. (I guess we’re just a bunch of wimps.)

It was only a couple of miles back to the cars. Along the way the theme for the night continued – incredible views and puddles, puddles, puddles. The last two were the deepest yet! What’s it called when every pedal stroke is accompanied by a loud splash? Dog pedaling?

Then back to the cars for snacks and drinks. (And the experienced smart people got to change into dry shoes. I won’t name them here. Don’t want it to go to their heads.)

While on the ride we had a discussion about the term Burnsiding. If you want to know more, check out the end of the document “Doug Rides” found here: https://www.fairbankscycleclub.org/lore/legends-of-fcc/

Report and photos by Eric.

Next ride is the Pipeline Viewpoint Vacation. (We’re altering this ride and eliminating the shuttle due to the pandemic.) Check the ride schedule here: https://www.fairbankscycleclub.org/rides/tuesday-night-mountain-bike-rides/

New submission from Reach Out to the Fairbanks Cycle Club Listserve!

  Christopher Knott
  [email protected]
Your Message
  Here we go! Tomorrow starts the first ever Tour of Fairbanks Mountain Bike Race!! Tomorrow at 7p is the registration deadline. For those signed up you have to sign FCC forms at Goldstream Sports tomorrow (Wednesday) between noon and 7p.

Information about the Strava stages, the Race Bible, and all those small details are at

See you tomorrow at Goldstream Sports!


Tour of Fbx MTB version – Course marking help needed

Hey everyone,
Amazing Tour of Fairbanks Race Director Christopher Knott could use a little help marking the courses for the upcoming virtual TOF MTB version. There will be four stages, all held on the Ester Dome Singletrack.
The RD needs help on these days:
Thursday, July 16 Friday, July 17 Saturday, July 18 Sunday, July 19
Note that there are really only two courses (the Outer Loop and the Inner Loop), though racers start at Goldstream Sports for Stage 4. So, while the courses need to be marked just once, it would be good if someone could ride them once a day to make sure the markings are still up.
If you know the Ester Dome Singletrack well and can help with the course marking on one or more of the days, please send an email to Christopher at: [email protected]
See the course routes and other information on the TOF MTB version here: www.fairbankscycleclub.org/races/tour-of-fairbanks/