Fairbanks Cycle Club News

2018 Annual Meeting

A new board was elected during Fairbanks Cycle Club Annual Meeting on November 11, 2018 by all in attendance.  The following members were elected:

President: Rachael Kvapil
Vice President: David James
Secretary: Ryan Kabat
Treasurer: Evee Rynish

Board Members-at-Large
Geoff Orth
Julie Mancill

Bud Kuenzli continues as our FMATS Liasion

Rachael Kvapil reported unfortunate news that the Fairbanks Cycle Club had been hit by an email scam via our former Treasurer, who had been suffering medical issues.  Once the problem was discovered Rachael Kvapil, David James, and Julie Mancill worked with Wells Fargo to recover as much as possible.  Since the money had been wire transfers, the receiving banks could not guarantee retrieval of money. Of the $17,000+ lost to this scam, over $3,500 was returned by Citibank.  We received news right before the Annual Meeting that no other funds were retrieved by any other banks.  The former Treasurer stepped down immediately and his name removed from all financial accounts and state documents.  After an internal investigation, David James reported that the former treasurer truly fell to a scam and no actions on his part was due to malice.

Rachael Kvapil presented an update on the Ester Dome North Side Trail provided by Geoff Orth. This summer FCC received a grant from REI to assess and begin development on a 8+ mile trail; however, after a recent assessment plans have been changed:

The proposal for an Ester Dome – North Side Trail is postponed. A recent site survey has concluded that the eastern alignment is not suitable for a multi-use trail. A combination of changing environmental conditions and land ownership on the eastern approach presents conditions that are not sustainable or cost effective at this time. Changes in land ownership and/or permission from current land owners could alter this for future trail considerations.

The Fairbanks Cycle Club, Stray Dogs LLC and Happy Trails Inc want nothing but the best outcome for both the trail user and environment!

Adam Leland from DNR further added:

Given the trail alignment issues outlined below, the construction of a trail as proposed in the easement application is not currently possible without substantial realignment or additional funding. As a result, the current application is considered withdrawn, and the case file for ADL 421017 will be closed. Should the construction of the North Side Trail be re-proposed, a new easement application will be necessary.

Thank you, and good luck with your future endeavors.

REI has allowed us to use the remaining grant funds to look into a downhill trail near the Ester Dome Singletrack.

Several ride leaders gave reports. Rachael Kvapil said race directors for the Tour of Fairbanks and the Chena Hot Springs Ride have yet to be found despite offering paid positions. David James emphasized that board responsibilities do not include organizing races and that members needed to take on these responsibilities if they want races to continue.

Going into the future, Rachael Kvapil feels the board needs to focus on further recruitment of members and to the Board, as several members will step down in the coming years. She also suggested strategic planning so that Fairbanks Cycle Club has a clear idea of where to invest the boards time and efforts in the coming year.

~minutes filed by Rachael Kvapil

Tour of Fairbanks Still Need Race Director

We have had a lot of inquiries about the 2018 Tour of Fairbanks 5 Stage Race.  The FCC Board has set tentative dates in June; however, we have yet to secure a race director for this event. Without a race director, the event will be cancelled for a second year.

How can you help?

Spread the word that we are still recruiting. FCC is offering a $2,000 stipend for a person or team willing to coordinate all 5 stages.  This includes determining the courses for a Prologue, 2 Road Races, a Criterium, and a Time Trial; acquiring permitting, promotion, and updating existing race information. Specific terms are available in the TOF Contract, which you can download here.

Time commitments vary through out the process. Early in the process it may take only a few hours per week, with more hours required as race day approaches. Much of this depends on the efficiency of the race director.

Additional questions can be emailed to Rachael Kvapil, FCC Prez, at prez@fairbankscycleclub.org

March Spoke’N’Word

Summer is coming! There have been a lot of changes over the winter. Check out updates in our latest newsletter :


Info for sellers for this Saturday’s FCC Bike Swap

People who are interested in selling items at the FCC Bike Swap this Saturday can help make things work more quickly at check-in by filling out their consignment forms ahead of time.

This link will take you to the Bike Swap information page. It has instructions and a link to the 2017 Bike Swap Consignment Form. Or here’s the link that takes you directly to the consignment form (if you’re already an expert at this).

Eric Troyer