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[FCC] Thursday Gravel Rides

I hope to be able to join you if I can get out of work in time! > On Jul 17, 2018, at 2:22 PM, “Jacob Rahlfs” <> wrote: > > Hello all FCC members, > > This Thursday, we will be changing the meeting location for the Thursday night Group Gravel Ride. We will be meeting at Ivory Jacks at 5:30PM. I hope that more of you will join in for this fun ride. > > Hope to see you, > Jacob Rahlfs > > >

[FCC] Thursday Gravel Rides

Hello all FCC members,
This Thursday, we will be changing the meeting location for the Thursday night Group Gravel Ride. We will be meeting at Ivory Jacks at 5:30PM. I hope that more of you will join in for this fun ride.
Hope to see you, Jacob Rahlfs

[FCC] Run For Gold help needed

The Run for Gold is Sat July 21 at 950am and leads off the Golden Days Parade. We need bike riders to ride ahead of the runners to clear back the crowd. If you can help Sat July 21, between 930am and 1010 am, contact Jim Brader, Run for Gold Race Director, at or 452-4986
Thanks, Jim Brader

[FCC] 2 folding travel bikes need a home 🙂

I have 2 folding travel Vilano bikes for sale. We used them once when we traveled to Kodiak and have not used them since (as you can see we have many other bikes in the background and others not shown). They worked well. My husband is 6’1″ and it worked for him. We purchased on Amazon and the shipping was over $100. They are both white. Contact me for more details: 322-4405 or
Thanks, Nikki

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[FCC] Ester Dome – North Side Trail

Hey Folks, The first stage of the proposal for a new multi-use trail on the the northern flanks of Ester Dome is going through public notice with DNR.  Public comments close Monday, 16 July, at 5.00p. This new trail is sponsored by FCC, Goldstream Sports & REI so any additional supporting emails would be greatly appreciated! Remember, trails are one of the great reasons we live in Fairbanks! Here’s a link to today’s FDNM article regarding the trail: And a link to DNR-MLW’s public notice: Any questions, drop me an email or call 479.0049 Best, Geoff

[FCC] Thursday Night Group Gravel Ride

Hello Fellow Cyclists!
This is just a friendly reminder that there’s a new group ride in town, and we’ll be meet again at Ursa Major, this Thursday at 5:30PM. We will tailor the ride this week to those who show up, and will maintain a brisk social pace. Hope to see more of you out there this week!
Jacob Rahlfs (907) 987-6600


[FCC] Teen mountain biker looking for riding partner June 18-21

I recently got an email (below). I sent Robert some info on trails in the area. They probably won’t have a way to transport their bikes and will have to rent bikes, so that will limit options. Anyway, if any teen riders are interested in helping out Robert and his son, please send them an email (also below).
Hi! My wife and son and I will be spending next week in Fairbanks visiting my older son who plays for the Goldpanners Baseball team. My younger son is an avid mountain biker here in Southern California and we promised him we would try to find a way for him to ride somewhere near Fairbanks so that he won’t be stuck watching endless baseball games while we are there. He is almost 16, 6’1″ tall and a very good rider. Can you suggest anywhere that we could get him that he could get in a good couple/few hours on a bike?
If there are other young riders (15/16/17) that frequently ride, maybe I could contact them, or you could and if we could somehow work it out, he/she could partner ride with my son on a favorite trail during the week sometime
Robert Leonard 6/18 – 6/21 in Fairbanks.. Robert Leonard <>

[FCC] 2018 Midnight Sun Run — Volunteers Needed

The annual Midnight Sun Race is coming up next week.
It’s a fun, 10K race that we participate in every year.
The race starts at 10pm sharp by Patty Center on UAF and winds its way down through the subdivision south of Geist, then across University Avenue, south on same, and goes through Riverview Subdivision before finally ending inside Pioneer park.
The FCC participates by leading the lead runners through the course.   The pace is set by the lead runner(s) and we simply give them a point to focus on so they can concentrate on the race and not be distracted by the crowd.
We also provide basic course security (keeping spectators out of the race course, for example) because we’re the only cyclists allowed on the course.
I need between 4-6 FCC riders to show up next Saturday, the 23rd, at the Patty Center parking lot at around 9:30.
Once we’re all there, I will give everyone more info on the course, what’s expected of us, etc.
It usually only takes about 20 or 30 minutes to get to Pioneer Park, and then we’re done.
If you’re interested, send me an email, or call my landline (455-8448) to leave a message and/or you can text/call me on my cell (687-0777)
Liam Wescott

[FCC] New Group Ride Starting June 14th!

We are pleased to announce a new group ride happening on Thursdays this summer:
Thursday Night Gravel Rides Location: Ursa Major (Unless noted otherwise) Time: 5:30PM each Thursday Contacts: Eyal Saiet ‭(907) 750-6555‬ Jacob Rahlfs (907) 987-6600 Description: Come explore trails around Fairbanks during this moderately paced group gravel ride. Gravel bikes, mountain bikes, and fatbikes are all welcome! Routes will consist of road, trail, and gravel, varying weekly. Plan to ride for up to 2 hours, and join us for drinks afterwards. Must wear a helmet and be an FCC member for insurance purposes. For information about membership visit:
Rachael Kvapil FCC Pres