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[FCC] Tuesday Ride Cancelled

I’m going to call off the Tuesday Ride. Eric, who is too sick to show up, reported that the Skyline Ridge Trails are pretty mucky. With all this rain they can only be worse and I don’t want to damage them with more ruts than they already have. If snow holds off for another week and weather improves, we’ll try again next Tuesday.
Dave J

[FCC] Tuesday Night Ride – Skyline Ridge Ride

Dudes! (male and female)
There will be another Tuesday ride this week. We’ll meet at the top of Ski Boot Hill road (by the KUAC tower), departing at 7:00 sharp. Bring a helmet, a headlight, and warm gear.
To get there, turn north on Ski Boot Hill Road off of Farmers Loop. Where the road splits and the main road goes left, keep going straight instead and follow the road to the top of the hill. <> <>
Attachments: Ski Boot Hill towers copy.jpg:

[FCC] Annual Membership Meeting

FCC is holding their *Annual Membership Meeting* on* Sunday, November 11th at 6pm at Goldstream Sports*. The biggest message: We need more board members. The board has been running thin for 2 years now, which makes it difficult to carry out board activities. Please consider joining as an officer or as a general elected seat.
Other than that this is a great time to find out what we have been able to accomplish in 2018 and challenges ahead of us. Attached is a flyer. We hope to see you there!
Rachael Kvapil FCC Prez

[FCC] Wahoo Kickr For Sale

Selling a first generation Wahoo Kickr. Used, but not a ton, and definitely not abused. 10-speed cassette. Also includes a thru-axle adapter and original packaging for storage. $600.
Thanks, Ryan 907.347.9198 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

[FCC] HooDoo Cup Race #2 Results

The results for Race #2 of the HooDoo Cup can be found at or at <>(this site also has the overall standings so far).
Remember there is one more race left on Sunday, October 21st. Sign up today at
For more information about the HooDoo Cup email
Sincerely, Rachael Kvapil FCC Prez

[FCC] Tuesday Night Ride continues…

From David James:
The weather is amazing, and we need to be biking. This week’s post-season Tuesday Night Mountain Bike Ride will be at Birch Hill. Bring a helmet and a headlight and plan to leave from the parking lot at 7:00 sharp. We’ll hit those trails in the dark. Big fun! Dave J.

[FCC] Garmin GPS Offer

A convoluted story and offer… I have a Garmin eTrex 30 that tanked.  Garmin will sell me a factory refurbished 30x unit for $100, or a new 30x unit for $230, and transfer the Topo_Alaska_Enhanced maps in both cases.  I’m already into a new 30x, so not interested, but will do the service exchange for the cost and a beer 🙂 If interested email ( or call (479.0049). Geoff