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    [FCC] Updated Group Ride Schedules

    Hello FCC Members!
    Earlier this month, the Fairbanks Cycle Club Board announced that group rides were suspended to the end of April, and possibly into May. Our group leaders submitted their group ride schedules for 2020 and are encouraging people to ride the routes on their own time. Below you can find links to those schedules. Please remember any rides outside official group activities are not covered by FCC insurance. Social distance during your activities, be safe, and stay healthy.
    Sincerely, Rachael Kvapil FCC Prez
    LOL Ride Schedule:
    WOW Ride Schedule:
    Tuesday Night MTB Ride Schedule:


    FCC FACEBOOK WEEKLY WRAP-UP (For our non-Facebook members)
    COVER YOUR FACE! Check out this great face-covering video by Dr. Mark Simon, a local biker. If you are active outdoors in the winter (and you should be if you live in Fairbanks) you know how to wear a face covering. Let’s all help flatten the COVID-19 curve by staying home if at all possible. If you do have to go out, stay at least six feet from others and wear your stylin’ face covering!

    FULLY LOADED: RACING ALASKA’S IDITAROD TRAIL INVITATIONAL Great write-up of this year’s Iditarod Trail Invitational 350 by winner Kurt Refsnider. Fairbanksan Tyson Flaharty, who came in third, gets a lot of time in this article.
    BE PARTICULARLY CAREFUL OF MOOSE Long winter leads to aggressive moose in Interior Alaska The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is reminding the public to be careful around moose this spring after it received a “higher than normal number of phone calls about moose that are acting aggressively, causing problems or are injured.”
    News-Miner story:
    RESPIRATORY SIGNATURE Interesting article about why group bike rides should be canceled for the time being from a cyclist who has “spent a lot of time studying and working with airborne pathogens.”
    MAY IS STILL BIKE MONTH The League of American Bicyclists will still be holding Bike Month in May, but “This National Bike Month will necessarily be different. With less focus on biking to work, we’re going to focus on riding “there” whether “there” is to the grocer for essentials or to the creek and back with the kids.”
    Also, “the League is postponing our promotion of Bike to Work Week until September 21-27, 2020, with Bike to Work Day coinciding with Car Free Day on September 22, 2020.”
    Hard to say what are May will be like this year with all this snow. Trails might be pretty muddy. Some roads around Fairbanks are looking pretty sketchy right now. In any case, we’ll have more sunlight and it should be warmer! So here’s to hoping for a great May to celebrate biking!
    VIRTUAL BIKE RIDE FUNDRAISER Support those in need by getting out on two wheels. Join basketball legend Bill Walton and friends on April 25 for the #BikeForHumanity virtual ride! Learn more:

    [FCC] New submission from Reach Out to the Fairbanks Cycle Club Listserve!

      David James
    Your Message
      The Fairbanks Cycle Club board of directors is cancelling all club events for the months of April and most likely May due to the ongoing situation with the Covid-19 pandemic. It is not a step we take lightly. We know that members want to get out riding and racing. However, the very high likelihood of social transmission of the disease, as well as the very serious reality that this would endanger the lives of club members and those they come into contact with, leaves us with no other choice. Our group ride leaders support this decision and have submitted their ride schedules so that individuals can still ride routes on their own time. Please remember that you are not covered under FCC insurance while riding on your own, as the group rides are officially cancelled. The schedules will be updated by the end of the week on the FCC website and sent out to the listserv in with a link to a downloadable PDF. We would love to see pictures you riding and even a small ride report that we can post on the website and on Facebook. You can send those to

    Please note the legality of group events currently barred under Gov. Dunleavy's Health Mandate 011, which states the following:

    "All individuals shall cease participation in public or private gatherings that include non-household members, regardless of the number of people involved. This includes, but is not limited to, weddings, faith gatherings, graduations, and funeral events."

    The mandate also lists criminal penalties that would be incurred by anyone violating it:

    "A violation of a state COVID-19 Mandate may subject a business or organization to an order to cease operations and/or a civil fine of up to $1,000 per violation.

    "In addition to the potential civil fines noted above, a person or organization that fails to follow the state COVID-19 Mandates designed to protect the public health from this dangerous virus and its impact may, under certain circumstances, also be criminally prosecuted for Reckless Endangerment pursuant to Alaska Statute 11.41.250."

    Reckless endangerment can lead to prison terms and fines up to $500,000.

    Do get out and ride, Gov. Dunleavy and chief medical officer Dr. Anne Zink are encouraging Alaskans to get outdoors and recreate safely. Mandate 011 states:

    "Outdoor activity (e.g., walking, hiking, bicycling, running, fishing or hunting) is permitted when a distance of six or more feet can be maintained between individuals not in the same household."

    The reevaluation date for this mandate is April 11. Here's a link to all the governor's orders. Any updates will go up on this page as well:

    Thank you,

    Your Board of Directors


    [FCC] Group Rides in April amd May

    So it’s been brought to my attention that the board needs to decide if we are going to officially start group rides in April/May. I have one group leader that want to ride and one that says we should hold off unti possibly May.
    The board needs to vote. Please respond ASAP.
    “In life, unlike chess, the game continues after checkmate.” ~ Issac Asimov —– Pagesculptor Studios 907.347.8756

    [FCC] FCC Facebook posts (for non-FBers)

    (For our non-Facebook members)
    GIRLS RIDING INTO TOMORROW (GRIT) GRIT is a great Anchorage girls biking program started by Lael Wilcox. If anyone in Fairbanks is interested in starting something similar up here, the GRIT team in Anchorage would be an awesome resource. (10-minute video:
    BE A RESEARCHER Chris Smith, a graduate student at UAF, could use your help. He is working on a project called Mapping Detection of Boreal Vegetation (MaDBoV). The goal is to involve the community in the data collection process which will help him produce more accurate fire fuel maps of the Alaskan boreal forest to help predict fire risk. Anyone in Alaska can participate, and it is a great reason to get outdoors while actively participating in applicable research (in accordance with state social distancing policies). All participants have to do is get out in the woods behind their homes, on trails, or any naturally wooded area and take a geotagged photo on their smartphone and send it to For more information send an email to
    BIKE BITS If you want to appreciate living in Alaska during this pandemic, read this article on “Bicycling in Sichuan Under the Shadow of Coronavirus.”
    Read that a lots more in the latest issue of Adventure Cycling’s Bike Bits.
    HEALTHY FUTURES’ 100 MILES OF MAY (IN APRIL) Healthy Futures is holding a bonus month of its 100 Miles in May fundraiser, so you can participate in April. For more details see here:
    This Anchorage-based group mainly organizes and supports Anchorage events, but it does support four Fairbanks area fall “jamborees,” which we believe are the cross-country running races.
    And if someone wants to organize a Fairbanks cycling event for youth, I’m sure the group would help out!
    BIKE SHOPS CONSIDERED ESSENTIAL BUSINESSES One nice thing to see with the recent COVID-19 pandemic restrictions is that in Alaska “bicycle-repair” facilities (i.e. bike shops) are considered essential businesses and are allowed to stay open. That’s not the case in some other areas. For some people, cycles are their main–maybe even only–source of transportation. They are listed in this order under II > b > vi > 5.
    If you would like to thank the governor for including bike shops as “essential,” see this page for contact information:
    WORLD RIDE ONLINE MOVIE ON APRIL 2 We’ll probably still be under some sort of “hunker down” orders by April 2. Here’s something entertaining to watch that helps a good cause!
    YOU CAN STILL RIDE WHILE “HUNKERING DOWN” On March 27 Gov. Mike Dunleavy ordered more strict “hunker down” orders (see link below). Please abide by these orders.
    But here’s the good news. You can still go out and bike! The third point of Part I of the governor’s order is as follows:
    “Outdoor activity (e.g., walking, hiking, bicycling, running, fishing or hunting) is permitted when a distance of six or more feet can be maintained between individuals not in the same household.”
    So, go have a blast biking! Just stay six feet from anyone not in your household. We’ve got lots of trails in the area, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find the space you need.
    (All this assumes you are healthy. The fourth point of the governor’s order states that if you are exhibiting signs of illness you “must not leave their home, including to work, except as necessary to seek or receive medical care.”)
    Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s March 27 order:
    And this suggestion from Heath Sandall:
    This 6’ suggestion needs to come with some caveats, especially when riding bikes, skiing, running. 6’ is not going to be an acceptable distance when traveling at speed.
    For the biking and outdoor crowd, infection is most likely going to spread via snot rockets, spitting, coughing or lauging at jokes. Let’s take two people riding bikes, one in front of the other. If the front person spits or coughs, 6’ of ground is going to be covered very quickly and the person behind is going to be exposed to the spray. Add in a headwind and the distance will even be greater. Crosswinds and swirling winds make it even more complicated.
    Two people only, side by side, separated out, each taking consideration in when/how they spit, snot, or cough. And careful with the jokes 🙂
    ADVENTURE CYCLING BOOK SUGGESTIONS Here’s something to read if the pandemic has you stuck at home with time on your hands:
    And this from Russ Ridlington: Miles from Nowhere by Barbara Savage

    [FCC] New submission from Reach Out to the Fairbanks Cycle Club Listserve!

      Dan Johnson
    Your Message
      I'm looking for a recumbent trike (yes, three wheels!)

    Due to a shoulder injury and surgery, I don't think I'll be able to ride road or mountain bikes this spring and most likely through the summer. I'm hoping to find a recumbent trike to get me on the road for a few months while I recuperate. With all the snow, it might seem early to be looking, but I'd much rather find something locally ASAP so I don't have to search for something online that can be shipped.

    If you have anything for sale, please give me a call at 907-590-3820. I'd even be interested in renting one or (of course) a loan.