The HooDoo Cup Mountain Bike Races

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The series has come to an end… See you next year!

This is a non-technical, fast, and flowy mountain bike race for all riding levels. It is mostly downhill with the last little bit being flat with a slight incline (pedal hard to the finish!). The faster you go, the harder it is. You control your speed, but remember, this is a timed event!

Each racer will have a one-minute gap between each racer to try to avoid any passing issues, we will try to group you the best we can with other riders of similar ability.  Past races have seen riders aged 4-75, and we will do our best to accommodate you no matter your skill level. Join us for a great day of races, prizes and a post-race party.

You must either be an FCC member or sign up for a one-day membership online before each race day. Memberships will be checked beforehand. Family memberships are $45. Individual memberships are $30. One-day memberships are $5. Memberships cover race and event insurance.

Please visit Goldstream Sport’s event page for a detailed schedule of events. Also visit the HooDoo Cup Facebook Page for updates. Thank you to Aaron Marks for working so hard to organize this and working with FCC to bring races to the Fairbanks Community. For more information about the races, contact Aaron at