Tour of Fairbanks 2020 Mountain Bike Race Registration


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Each race will be over 4 days and will have five routes. All times will be recorded on Strava, so you will need a Strava account and a GPS watch, cycling computer, or the ability to use their phone with the Strava app. Each race series is $40 plus FCC membership to cover insurance costs. We offer annual individual and family memberships or day memberships. If you select the day membership, you must purchase one for each day you are competing.

All riders MUST ride by themselves. If there are other people on the course, YOU ARE NOT TO RIDE TOGETHER NOR BE WITHIN 20 FEET OF EACH OTHER and there is ABSOLUTELY NO DRAFTING.

Information about routes, links to the infamous Race Bible, and prizes will be added to the page soon. Questions about the race can be sent to Christopher Knott.