Summit Hill Climb Race: 6/29/2017

Gorgeous summer night for a hill climb, although a bit on the warm side for Fairbanks riding. 12 riders signed up for the challenge, from bottom of Summit to the top, 1.8 miles up. Jake Rahlfs set a blistering pace from the outset, finishing first. The Junior class had some amazing results posting all three Juniors in the top 5: Jordan Laker-Morris 2nd place overall, Sam Delamere 4th overall, and Ben Kahoe 5th place overall. Elisabeth Thurston-Hicks placed first woman, and 8th overall. Earl Peterson was first Master, and 6th overall.

Very impressive times out there!

Race volunteers Barb, Pam (Jordan’s Mom), and Jen (Ben’s Mom) made an excellent race organizing team.

Thanks everyone for a fun race.

  1. Jake Rahlfs 9:53.3 (first Open)
  2. Jordan Laker-Morris 10:19.8 (first Junior)
  3. Andrew Weller 10:28.1 (second place, Open)
  4. Sam Delamere 10:46.0 (second Junior)
  5. Ben Kahoe 11:10.7 (third Junior)
  6. Earl Peterson 11:35.1 (first Master)
  7. Patrik Sartz 11:53.1 (second Open)
  8. Elizabeth Thurston-Hicks (first Woman)
  9. Greg Kahoe 12:22.6 (second Master)
  10.  Jim Wessel 12:59.7 (third Master)
  11. Ken Leary 13:15.9 (fourth Master)
  12. Robert Perkins 19:37.8 (fifth Master)

Post by Eric Troyer for Barb Creighton