The “Spoke’N’Word” is the Fairbanks Cycle Club newsletter that we have published for many years in various forms.

It used to get published on paper a few times a year — copied, collated, stapled, folded, addressed by hand(!) or affixed with printed labels, stamped, and mailed to all members. As our website grew and included more content, we started to simply publish it to the website, where people could view it and print it or not, their choice.

These days, the “Spoke ‘n Word” exists as a frequent post on the FCC Forum or the email list. More often than not it is a summary of upcoming rides and events, but once in a while a super volunteer comes along who turns it back into a newsy update on anything about the club that he or she wants to write about. Or cajole others to write about. So keep in touch:

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Below you’ll find all the Spoke’N’Words that we could find. If you have any that we don’t have here, please send them to us!