Fairbanks Cycle Club is all about riding, and, boy, do we have a lot of rides year ’round. This list shows the rides that we typically do every year; some years the creative leaders among us come up with new things to do, and sometimes we take a breather from a particular ride for a year or so. Be sure to check out the calendar to find what’s scheduled and where to meet up with the group. Everyone is welcome to any of our rides, but keep in mind that some might not be good choices for novice riders, while others are targeted at them. Check with the ride leader to find out if a ride is right for you!

To join any of our club rides you need to be an FCC member and wear a helmet.

Summer Rides

Tuesday Night Mountain Bike Rides (weekly) — Also known as “Doug Rides” after their namesake, Doug Burnside, the Tuesday Night Rides are attended by mostly men and not enough women. Check the ride descriptions for ride ability levels, length, projected durations, etc. Rides tend to be more difficult as the season wears on. Check out the schedule to see where to meet and where we’ll be going.

Women on Wheels (weekly) — A moderate to fast-paced series of road rides for women who like to test themselves. The ride schedule gives a lot of details about rides, mileages and meeting places.

Ladies of Leisure (weekly) — A decidedly mellower version of the WOW rides. Focus is on fun and sticking together as a group. See the LOL schedule for special rides, details on course, miles, meeting places and more.

SCUM Rides (twice weekly) — Sounds bad, but the rides are fun. This clean group of well-attired men meet twice weekly at the Patty Center parking lot on the University of Alaska campus. (Look for the bikes.) Rides start Sundays at 11 a.m. and Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. and go at a pace that works for (almost) everyone. You’ll have to attend a SCUM ride to find out where the name “SCUM” comes from. Spoiler: It’s not as scary as it sounds. For more information contact Frank Soos: fmsoos (at) alaska.edu.

Chena Hot Springs Bicycle Classic (once a year) — Both a ride and race, for kids, families, enthusiasts, and hard-core-go-fast types, with varying distances from Fairbanks to Chena Hot Springs. Usually held in June.

Equinox Marathon Clean Up Ride (once a year) — Help clean up after a bunch of runners! Have fun, do good work!

Winter Rides

Sunday Winter Rides (weekly) — Starting the first week in November and going until early April (depending on the snowpack), this group meets at noon at Ivory Jacks parking lot out in Goldstream. Soft, churned snow means a slow ride, hard pack means a pretty good pace. Rides are on trail as much as possible. Figure anywhere from one to five hours, your choice. Everyone is welcome, fatbikes recommended.

Also, check out our more recent Regular Winter Rides in Fairbanks page.

Non-FCC Rides

In addition to our club rides, Fairbanks has some other rides that are free and open to the public. Some are offered year-round. Here are the ones we know about: