Ladies of Leisure (LOL)

Ladies of Leisure Riders photo

FCC 2023 Ladies of Leisure Road Ride Schedule

Ride leaders: Sheryl and Ginny

What: a get out and ride, slow to medium paced, road bike or mountain bike

Where: UAF-Nenana parking lot (across from the Patty Center) *unless otherwise indicated

When: Thursdays 6:00pm, ready to ride, April 27 to Sept. 14; may be extended if weather holds

Download a PDF of the full 2023 schedule here.

Fairbanks Cycle Club membership required. (Anyone can join one FCC ride as a guest. After that membership is required. Temporary memberships are available.)

HELMETS mandatory. WEAR bright or reflective clothing. Please bring water, spare tube or patch kit.

(When viewing the calendar on your phone, turn your phone sideways.)

Date Route (SP=Slow pace; MP=Medium pace)Distance
4/27/2023>SP Sheep Creek, Goldstream, Anne’s Greenhouse rtn 10mi.
>MP Murphy Dome Rd. Spinach Creek 13 -17.5 mi.
5/4/2023>SP Parks Hwy or Goldhill to Ester rtn, 12 mi.
>MP Cripple Creek to Violin St. rtn, 20.5 mi
>SP Van Horn to loop around Airport service road, Airport Post Office rtn.
>MP add Dale Rd, Chena River bike trail, Loftus, UAF roundabout rtn.
5/18/2023>SP Sheep Creek, Murphy Dome, rtn 13 mi. or Spinach Creek 16 mi.
>MP mailboxes 25 mi, end of pavement 30 mi.
5/25/2023>SP Farmer’s Lp to New Steese rtn 18 mi.
>MP Farmer's Loop, McGrath, R-Old Steese, rtn Farmer’s Lp Yankovich & Miller Hill 26.5 mi.
6/1/2023MEET at TRAX
>SP Old Steese, McGrath, Farmer's Lp, rtn to Trax, 10 mi.
>MP Old Steese, Hagelbarger, Steele Cr, CHSR, up Bennett, Old Steese rtn. Alternate short route, down Bennet to CHSR, rtn Old Steese.
6/8/2023>SP Sheep Cr, Goldstream, Pandora rtn 21.2 mi. >MP Fire Station return Ballaine, Yankovich, Miller Hill 31.5 mi.17.5-31.5
6/15/2023>SP Sheep Cr, Goldhill or Parks Hwy, Cripple Cr rtn 16 mi.
>MP add Isberg, Chena Ridge, Dartmouth, Steelhead 20 mi.
6/22/2023>SP Ballaine, L Goldstream, rtn Sheep Cr.
>MP add Miller Hill, Yankovich, West Ridge
6/29/2023>SP Chena Ridge, Chena Pump Loop, 18 mi.
>MP Chena Ridge, Isberg, Cripple Cr, Parks Hwy, Goldhill, 21.5 mi
7/6/2023>SP Sheep Creek, Murphy Dome+ rtn. 13 mi.
>MP add end of pavement 30 mi.
7/13/2023>SP Ballaine out/back Goldstream, or Farmer’s Lp
>MP Ballaine, Goldstream, Old Steese, McGrath, Farmer’s Lp
7/20/2023>SP Sheep Cr, Goldhill or Parks Hwy to Park’s Hwy Monument out/back
>MP Monument rtn via Old Nenana, adds 6 mi
7/27/2023>SP Farmer’s Lp, out & back or do McGrath.
>MP FL to Skyline or Summit, reverse or back on Farmer’s Lp.
8/3/2023>SP Sheep Cr, Murphy Dome, to Spinach Creek, 16 mi.
>MP turn R on Spinach Cr ride out 3.5 mi, 23 mi.
8/10/2023MEET in FOX at Silver Gulch
>SP Steese to Pedro Monument rtn 11mi
>MP Steese to Cleary Summit rtn 18.5 mi.
8/17/2023>MP Farmer’s Lp, McGrath, Old Steese, Goldstream, Sheep Creek 30 mi.
>SP turn off Goldstream onto Ballaine 27 mi.
8/24/2023>MP Farmer’s Lp, McGrath, Old Steese, Goldstream, Sheep Creek 30 mi.
>SP turn off Goldstream onto Ballaine 27 mi.
8/31/2023MEET at ESTER PARK mi 352 Parks Hwy, burgers at Golden Eagle
>SP Old Nenana rtn or loop back on Parks 18.5 - 20 mi.
>MP 5:30 start at UAF ride to Ester 26 - 32 mi.
18.5 -32
9/7/2023Meet & Greet- Sheep Cr, Goldstream, Ballaine, Yankovich, Miller Hill or reverse.18-?
9/14/23Farmer’s Loop, McGrath, L Old Steese, Silver Gulch, out/back. NB less light.27-30