Ladies of Leisure (LOL)

Ladies of Leisure Riders photoFCC 2018 Ladies of Leisure Road Ride Schedule

What: a get out and ride, slow to medium paced, road bike or mountain bike Where: UAF-Nenana parking lot across from the Patty Center (unless otherwise indicated on schedule) When: Thursdays 6:00pm, ready to ride. April 19 – September 20 Fairbanks Cycle Club membership required. HELMETS mandatory. WEAR bright or reflective clothing. Ride leaders: Sheryl and Chris  

DateRoute and OptionsDistance
4/19/2018Sheep Creek, Goldstream, Ballaine
(option: out & back Anne’s Greenhouse 10m, or to Murphy Dome Road. 13m )
4/26/2018Flat Ride-to airport, Dale Road
(option: add out & back on Van Horn to Peger)
5/3/2018Parks Hwy to Ester, Goldhill Road back to UAF
(option: Parks, Cripple Creek to Violin Street)
5/10/2018Ballaine, Goldstream, Old Steese, McGrath, Farmer’s Lp
(option: out/back Goldstream, or Farmer’s Lp)
5/17/2018Sheep Creek, Murphy Dome, out/back
(option; out/back Anne’s Greenhouse 10mi, Spinach Creek 16mi, mailboxes 25mi, end of pavement 30mi)
5/24/2018MEET at TRAX -- lots of ride option: Old Steese, Hagelbarger Steele Cr, Bennett, CHSR, Old Steese to Goldstream, McGrath, Farmers Lp.10-??
5/31/2018Sheep Cr, Goldstream (out/back), then turn on Ballaine, Yankovich, Miller Hill
(option: out/back on Goldstream, 21.2mi to Pandora, 25.3mi to Fire station
6/7/2018Sheep Cr, Goldhill, Cripple Cr, Isberg, Chena Ridge or Chena Pump, Darthmouth, Steelhead (option: Parks Hwy)20
6/14/2018Farmer’s Loop, McGrath, R-Old Steese ,Farmer’s Loop, UAF
(option: Farmer’s Loop and return)
6/21/2018 Chena Ridge, Isberg, Cripple Cr, Parks Hwy, UAF
(option, Chena Ridge, Chena Pump loop)
6/28/2018MEET AT CHATANIKA LODGE ride out/back Steese
After-ride burgers/beverage?
7/5/2018Ballaine, Goldstream, Sheep Cr, Miller Hill, Yankovich ,UAF
(option: Ballaine, R on Goldstream out/back)
7/12/2018Farmer’s Loop, Skyline or Summit, back on Farmer’s Loop
(option, ride Farmer’s Lp)
7/19/2018Sheep Cr , Murphy Dome, turn onto Spinach Cr out/back16-30
7/26/2018Sheep Cr, Parks Hwy or Goldhill, Park’s Hwy Monument out/back24
8/2/2018MEET in FOX (Silver Gulch) Steese to Cleary Summit out & back
(option: Pedro Monument out & back 11mi)
?beverage/dinner at the road house after ride?
8/9/2018Farmer’s Loop, McGrath, Old Steese, Goldstream
(option: turn off Goldstream onto Ballaine 27m)
8/16/2018Meet & Greet choice of 6 routes. Farmer’s Loop, McGrath,etc.20-32
8/23/2018Meet & Greet - Goldhill, Parks, Cripple Creek, Isberg, Chena Ridge21
8/30/2018Meet & Greet - Sheep Creek, Goldstream out & back to Ballaine, Yankovich, Miller Hill18-?
9/6/2018Farmer’s Loop, McGrath, R-Old Steese, Farmer’s Loop18-23.5

Flat Ride to airport - Dale Road
(option: add out & back on Van Horn to Peger)

Goldhill, Parks, Cripple Creed, back on Parks or Goldhill
(option: add out & back Cripple Creek, Isberg)