Tuesday Night Bike Rides

Thanks to Father Doug Burnside

These rides will take place every Tuesday evening throughout the summer, rain or shine. Be ready to ride at 7:00PM, we’ll leave as soon as everyone is ready. Rides are only cancelled for air quality issues, owing to forest fires.

Tom Clark by David James

These rides will most definitely be rides, NOT races. The fun part of a group ride is riding in a group, socializing, meeting new people, and trying new trails. The idea is to keep the group together. It’s almost easier to define what these rides aren’t than what they are. They are not races. They are not training rides. They are not rides for people whose idea of a good time is to push the limits, get a hard workout, or see how fast they can go on a trail. They are not highly organized rides. They are rides that will be fun for intermediate and experienced riders alike. Advice, riding hints, and mechanical help are in abundance. All riders must be Fairbanks Cycle Club members. Get a season membership.

Rides are rated in both skill required and overall difficulty. Skill refers to bike handling ability. Rides that aren’t technically challenging receive a low skill rating. Challenging trails like “Moose Mountain” are almost impossible to ride from one end to the other without coming off the pedals. These trails receive a high skill rating. Difficulty refers to total energy and effort required by the cyclist. The scale ranges from easy (“Eva Creek Trail”) to exceptionally hard (“Pipeline Viewpoint”). We’ve tried to schedule easy rides early in the season. A difficulty level of 1 would be equivalent to riding your bike on a gravel road with rolling hills for half an hour. A level of 10 would be like riding trails from Anne’s Greenhouse to the top of Ester Dome and back – three times.

2018 Tuesday Night Mountain Bike Rides

5/15/2018Skyline Ridge19 miles, 3.0 hours, 2100' elevation gainMedium4-5
Meet at Pearl Creek Elementary, on Auburn. We’ll find our way up Skyline Ridge some interesting way, doing some decision-making
along the way. When the time comes, there’ll be some entertaining descents back to the cars.
5/22/2018University Ski Trails15 miles, 2.5 hours, 1500' elevation gainMedium4-5
Meet at the Ski Hut by the Geophysical Building on campus and we’ll explore the ski trails for a while. One of the most fun short trails in Fairbanks is the Bicycle Bumps trail and we’ll probably do it twice. Trail conditions will dictate where we go. No ruts!
5/29/2018Eva Creek Trail15 miles, 2.0 hours, 800' elevation gainLow5
Meet at Ester Community Park, located near the fire station on the Old Nenana highway just before the turnoff into Ester. We’ll find our way up Ester Dome and get to the Marathon Trail near the mine. If conditions permit, we’ll take the Eva Creek Trail back into Ester. This trail is downhill for 90% of the distance and is a LOT of fun, but this early in the season it can be muddy, so we may detour.
6/5/2018Ester Dome Singletrack?9+ Miles, 2+ hours, 2000'+ elevation gainMedium7
Meet in the Goldstream Sports parking lot; park near the fence. We'll play on the pump track, then head up towards the singletrack. We will ride some or all of the singletrack, but there are enough exploration opportunities that we will probably get diverted along the way, and maybe even explore some questionable trails. What could possibly go wrong?
6/12/2018Birch Hill Ski Trails12 miles, 3 hours, 2300' elevation gainMedium+7
Follow the leader, as hard or easy as we want to make it. These trails are a LOT of fun. They are safe, fast, challenging and entertaining, particularly if some cross-country skier who knows the trails can lead us. There are a number of trails up there that are NOT part of the ski trail system that we can explore as well. Bring your ID, in order to ride on Fort Wainwright property.
6/19/2018Ester Mine Trail10.5 Miles, 3 hours, 2310' elevation gainHigh6
Meet at Ester Community Park. We'll take the Ready Bullion Creek trail to the Tri-Con mine road, on up to the top of Ester Dome. We'll probably descend down the road a short ways to the “corner singletrack” and “JARR” trails and end up back in Ester, having done the Eva Creek trail to get there. Course marking for race next day.
6/26/2018Bonanza Mudquest20 Miles, 3 hours, 1800' elevation gainMedium6
Dumb Alert: There's sure to be mud, and navigational issues.
Meet on the Parks Highway, a couple miles past the far end of Old Nenana, at mile 340. We'll wander into the Tanana Valley
Experimental Forest, where Eric Troyer and Geoff Orth will disagree about which way to go, getting us hopelessly lost. We should end
up back at the cars a few hours later, a little wiser. Definitely bring some stamina and a sense of humor.
7/03/2018Modified Marathon~20 Miles, 4 hours, 3100' elevation gainHigh8
Endurance Alert: Likely to be long. Be sure to bring food and water.
Meet at the ski hut on UAF west ridge. We'll skip the first part of the marathon course and probably avoid some of the Out n' Back, but we'll still cover some territory. At least we won't get lost. Probably.
7/10/2018Circle-Fairbanks Trail13 miles, 3 hours, 2700' elevation gainMedium7
Drive to Cleary Summit, and follow the signs to “Fairbanks Circle Trail”. We'll ride down the road, and return to the cars via the ridge trails. Bring headlights for the return trip. First aid supplies might come in handy. Course marking for race next day.
7/17/2018Pipeline ViewpointHigh9-10
Endurance Alert: This is a taxing ride. Be sure to bring food and water - you will burn a lot of calories!Start at the Pipeline Viewpoint on the Steese Highway just before Goldstream Road. We'll go up the pipeline corridor to Gilmore Trail, take Gilmore Trail to the Trapper Trail which goes along the ridges to Cleary Summit, then past the radar site, turning left on to the
Silver Fox trail all the way to the Elliot. To make this ride a 10, continue on Old Murphy Dome Road to the pipeline corridor, following it all the way to Fox. From there it’s a short distance to the cars.
7/24/2018Stiles Creek21 Miles, 4 hours, 2100' elevation gainMedium8
Endurance Alert: This is a taxing ride. Be sure to bring food and water - you will burn a lot of calories!
The ride formerly known as Colorado Creek. Meet at 31.6 mile Chena Hot Springs Road at the trail turnout. We'll take the Stiles Creek trail to the ridgeline, and end up on Chena Hot Springs Rd about 5 miles from where we started. This is one of the best rides of the whole season: challenging riding, fun trails, great scenery, and great descents. You'll really be out in the boonies on this ride.
7/31/2018White Mountains20 Miles, 4 hours, 3000' elevation gainHigh7
Meet at turnout nearest to 23 mile Elliot Highway. Leave room for the big rigs to pull through. We'll ride various trails, many of which are technically difficult. There are some excellent vistas to be had, so bring a camera. Remember – don't ride the “Ski Loop Trail”. Bring spare parts and tools. There's always a serious mechanical on this ride.
8/07/2018Behind the Vallata20 miles, 4 hours, 2500' elevation gainHigh8
Endurance Alert: This is a taxing ride. Be sure to bring food and water - you will burn a lot of calories!
Meet at the Vallata Restaurant on Goldstream Road. We'll figure out a decent way up to the top end of Spanky's on Old Murphy Dome Road, then come down the trail. Definitely a bumpy, taxing ride. At the end there’s a smoking descent that makes it all worth it.
8/14/2018Alder Creek13 Miles, 3 hours, 1400' elevation gainMedium7
Lighting Alert: You may want your headlight on this ride.
Meet at the pullout at Parks and Cripple Creek Road. We'll follow Parks Ridge Road to the end, get on the trail, and end up near the top of Old Nenana, on the Healy Inter-tie. We follow that back toward town to the substation, where we follow trails back to the cars. Easier said than done, plan on things going awry.
8/21/2018Treasure Creek13 Miles, 2.5 hours, 2000' elevation gainMedium+7
Lighting Alert: You may want your headlight on this ride.
Drive up the Elliot about 3.5 miles north of Fox, turn left on Old Murphy Dome Road. We'll meet about 1.5 miles in, at the big intersection of OMDR and the pipeline. Ride west on OMDR Trail for about five miles or so, turning right onto a double track that leads along a ridge. There are two forks, and we need to go right, then left. Somebody remember this. After another six miles, we connect with the pipeline corridor, which we follow back to Old Murphy Dome Road.
8/28/2018Moose Mountain15 miles, 3 hours, 1980' elevation gainHigh7
Lighting Alert: You will need your headlight on this ride.
Meet at the gravel pit at 2 mile Murphy Dome road. We'll go over to the Moose Mountain Ski Lodge and take a "forgotten" access road most of the way up to the top, the regular roads/trails the rest of the way up. At that point, we'll have done 10% of the distance, and maybe 65% of the work. We'll follow the power lines over to Old Murphy Dome Road, follow it west on a long, shallow descent that can be ridden really fast, and look for a trail to the left (the "rabbit trail"). This is a technical and challenging downhill all the way back to the ski lodge. Course marking for race next day.
9/4/2018Eva Creek16 miles, 3 hours, 2100' elevation gainHigh6
Lighting Alert: You will truly need your lights on this ride.
We'll meet at Ester Community Park, and do some riding on Ester Dome here and there, such that we get to ride the Eva Creek trail back to Ester. You need a proper headlight on this ride.

You can print this page, but if you’d prefer to download a PDF file, you can do that here: Tuesday Rides 2018.

It’s not over yet!

Each Tuesday until the snow is a few inches deep, we go for a “Post Season Tuesday Ride”. We set the meeting place/time each prior Tuesday. So, if you aren’t ready to hang it all up just yet, do these rides. These can be some of the best rides of the season!