Tuesday Night Bike Rides


Feel free to submit photos and ride reports for posting to FCC’s blog and Facebook Page by emailing [email protected].

These rides will take place every Tuesday evening throughout the summer, rain or shine. Be ready to ride at 6:00PM. Rides are cancelled only for air quality issues, owing to forest fires (or really bad group body odor).

Tom Clark by David James

WHO: Any moderately able, fit mountain biker. Does riding trails to the top of Ester Dome and back down scare you? These rides aren’t for you. Disappointed we won’t do that 5 times in one night? These rides might not be for you either. All riders must be Fairbanks Cycle Club members. Sign up for a membership under our Membership dropdown menu.

WHAT: These are rides, NOT races. They are for socializing and trying new trails while having fun mountain biking and getting exercise. We are not highly organized, but we try to keep the group together. Advice, riding hints, and mechanical help are in abundance. (Some of it is even helpful!)

WHEN: Tuesday summer evenings, START RIDING AT 6PM!!! If conditions are good, we might do a ride or two earlier in May. Keep an eye on FCC Facebook page and sign up for the FCC listserv (under the News dropdown menu).

HOW MUCH: Free, but you must be a member of the Fairbanks Cycle Club: www.fairbankscycleclub.org/membership/

SKILL RATING: Refers to bike handling ability. Rides not technically difficult receive a low skill rating. Trails that are almost impossible to ride without coming off the pedals receive a high skill rating.

DIFFICULTY RATING: Refers to total energy and effort required. We’ve tried to schedule easier rides early in the season. A difficulty level of 1 would be equivalent to riding your bike on a gravel road with rolling hills for half an hour. A level of 10 would be like riding trails from Anne’s Greenhouse to the top of Ester Dome and back – three times.

(For a printed schedule you can print this page , but if you’d prefer to download a PDF file, you can do that here. Note that changes made to this year’s rides that have already been done are not reflected in the PDF file.)

2020 Tuesday Night Mountain Bike Rides

Date Name Description Skill Difficulty
5/19/2020 Group Ride Cancelled
Bonanza Bluffquest
~17 Miles, 2.5 hours, ~1800′ elevation gain Low 4-5
Replaces Bonanza Mudquest! Take the first left after mile 339 Parks Highway. Parking is right up the hill. We’ll ride downhill into the Tanana Valley State Forest for an easy-ish road ride. We’ll take in an awesome bluff view and hopefully ride out to the Tanana River. Then we ride UP back to the cars. Probably little mud, but it should still be fun.
5/26/2020 Group Ride Cancelled
Skarland 12-Mile
12 miles, 2.5 hours, 1600′ elevation gain Med+ 4-5
New oldish ride! Meet at the Ski Hut by the Geophysical Building on the University of Alaska Fairbanks. We’ll follow the old Skarland Trail from the UAF trails over to Pearl Creek Elementary School then back to the Musk Ox Farm and UAF trails again. The Skarland has some rollicking descents but be careful. We don’t want it to be a scar-land ride!
6/02/2020 Rosie Creek Ramble ~18 miles, 2.5 hours, ~2200′ elevation gain Low 4-5
New ride! Meet at the first pullout to the left after Mile 343 Parks Highway (just before its intersection with Old Nenana Highway). We’ll ride the forestry roads of the Rosie Creek area of the Tanana Valley State Forest. Maybe we’ll stay dry. Maybe we’ll get into some swamp. Choices, choices! The riding isn’t technical, but we’ll have a climb back to the cars.
6/09/2020 Skyline Ridge Skedaddle 12 miles, 3.0 hours, 2000′ elevation gain Med+ 4-5
New start location! Meet at Pearl Creek Elementary School. We’ll find our way up Skyline Ridge some interesting way, doing some decision-making along the way. When the time comes, there’ll be some entertaining descents back to the cars.
6/16/2020 Eva Creek Event ~12 miles, ~2 hours, ~2200′ elevation gain Med 5
Meet at Ester Community Park, located near the fire station at Old Nenana and Parks highways. We’ll find our way up Ester Dome and get to the Marathon Trail near the mine. If conditions permit, we’ll take the Eva Creek Trail back into Ester. This trail is a LOT of fun!
6/23/2020 Birch Hill Bombing ~12 miles, 2.5 hours, ~1600′ elevation gain Med+ 5
Meet at Birch Hill Recreation Area, far parking lot. We find as much singletrack as we can. Some bombing descents and thigh-burning ascents. Some trails are on Fort Wainwright. Bring your ID when riding on military land!
6/30/2020 Ester Mine Mingle 10.5 Miles, 3 hours, 3000′ elevation gain High 8
Meet at Ester Community Park. We’ll find some way up Ester Dome, find the singletrack downhill trail off the Equinox Out-and-Back, then tear down the Tri-Con Mine Road/Trail and take the Ready Bullion Creek trail back to the start.
7/07/2020 UAF Hidden Trails Trot 12 miles, 2.5 hours, 1200′ elevation gain High 4-5
Meet at the Ski Hut on UAF west ridge. We’ll explore some lesser known UAF trails, looping around the trail system (maybe doing the first part of the Equinox Marathon Trail) and making sure to end up on the ton-o-fun Bicycle Bumps.
7/14/2020 Circle-Fairbanks Trail Tramp 13.5 miles, ~3 hours, ~2000′ elevation gain Med 7
Drive to Cleary Summit, turn right toward Fort Knox mine, in about a mile turn left on Fairbanks Creek Road, go down a couple miles, look for the parking area on your left. That’s the Fairbanks Circle Trail trailhead, where we’ll meet. We ride down the road, and return to the cars via the ridge trails. Map of entire trail here.
7/21/2020 Pipeline Viewpoint Vacation 25 miles, 3.5 hours, 2500′ elevation gain High 9-10
Endurance Alert: This is a taxing ride. Be sure to bring food and water – you will burn a lot of calories! Start at the Pipeline Viewpoint on the Steese Highway just before Goldstream Road. We’re changing this ride, partly due to the pandemic. We’ll meet where the pavement ends on Gilmore Trail. We’ll do an out-and-back, riding up to the Fort Knox mine road. We’ll make one small diversion to make things more interesting. The ride will be shorter, too. More like 2.5 hours. (Ha! It was 18 miles, 2,400′ of elevation gain, and nearly 4 hours. Would have been closer to 2.5 if we had turned around at the viewpoint.) We’ll shuttle bikes to regroup at the end of pavement on Gilmore Trail. From there we’ll take Gilmore Trail to the Trapper Trail, which goes along the ridges to Cleary Summit, then past the radar site, turning left on to the Silver Fox trail all the way to the Elliot. To make this ride a 10, continue on Old Murphy Dome Road to the pipeline corridor, following it all the way to Fox. From there it’s a short distance to the cars.
7/28/2020 Ester Dome Singletrack Plus 12-15 miles, 2+ hours, 2000’+ elev gain Med+ 7
Meet at the pullout next to Ann’s Greenhouse on Sheep Creek Road. We’ll head up toward the singletrack. We will ride some or all of the singletrack, but there are enough exploration opportunities that we will probably get diverted along the way, and maybe even explore some questionable trails. What could possibly go wrong?
8/04/2020 Behind the Vallata Vamp 20 miles, 4 hours, 2500′ elevation gain High 8
Endurance Alert: This is a taxing ride.  Be sure to bring food and water – you will burn a lot of calories! Meet at the Vallata Restaurant on Goldstream Road. We’ll figure out a decent way up to the top end of Spanky’s on Old Murphy Dome Road, then ride the trail along the ridge. A bumpy, taxing ride with a smoking descent at the end!
8/11/2020 Waterford Trail Plus 14 Miles, 2.5 hours, 1400′ elevation gain Med+ 7
Lighting Alert: You may want your headlight on this ride. Turn on Waterford Road off Goldstream. Park in the pullout off Molly just past its intersection with Waterford. We’ll ride up Waterford Trail, turn left at the Pipeline, and take the Intertie trail to the top end of Spanky’s. (I know, I know, we were just there!) But then we’ll drop down past Spanky’s to the old cabin site on El Dorado Creek Trail. (Lost yet?) From there we’ll head up El Dorado Creek Trail to the Pipeline and head back down Waterford to the cars.
8/18/2020 Alder Creek Alibi 13 Miles, 3 hours, 2000′ elevation gain Medium 7
Lighting Alert: You may want your headlight on this ride.
Meet at the pullout at Parks and Cripple Creek Road. We’ll follow Parks Ridge Road to the end, get on the trail, and end up near the top of Old Nenana, on the Healy Intertie. We follow that back toward town to the substation, where we follow trails back to the cars. Easier said than done, plan on things going awry.
8/25/2020 Nugget Creek Loop Lashing 12 Miles, 2.5 hours, 2100′ elevation gain Med+ 7
Lighting Alert: You may want your headlight on this ride. Meet at the Ester Dome Singletrack pullout a mile up Ester Dome Road. We’ll head up the Dome (probably via the singletrack) then to the first set of towers on Ester Dome. We’ll take Nugget Creek Loop Trail down, down, down to the beaver pond. From there it’s up, up, up, back to the top of Ester Dome via the Out-n-Back section of the Equinox Marathon. Then back to the cars, probably via the Equinox Marathon Trail.
9/01/2020 Moose Mountain Motoring 13 miles, 3 hours, 2600′ elevation gain High 7
Lighting Alert: You will need your headlight on this ride.
Meet at the gated entrance to the Moose Mountain Ski Lodge. Park to the side. We’ll take a “forgotten” access road and regular roads/trails to the top. At that point, we’ll have done 10% of the distance, and maybe 65% of the work. We’ll follow the power lines over to Old Murphy Dome Road, follow it west on a long, shallow descent that can be ridden really fast, and look for a trail to the left (the “rabbit trail”). This is a technical and challenging trail all the way back to the ski lodge.
9/08/2020 Eva Creek Evisceration 16 miles, 3 hours, 2100′ elevation gain High 6
Lighting Alert: You will truly need your lights on this ride.
We’ll meet at Ester Community Park, and do some riding on Ester Dome here and there, such that we get to ride the Eva Creek trail back to Ester.

It’s not over yet!

Each Tuesday until the snow is a few inches deep, we go for a “Post Season Tuesday Ride”. We set the meeting place/time each prior Tuesday. So, if you aren’t ready to hang it all up just yet, do these rides. These can be some of the best rides of the season!

Thanks to Father Doug Burnside (our “creator”).