Winter Rides

Hey, guess what? Just because it’s winter is no reason to stop riding! Yep, the Sunday Winter Rides happen, starting roughly in November and going through the winter. What you do, see, is grab your bike and show up at Ivory Jack’s parking lot at noon on Sundays. Every Sunday.

We head out shortly after noon on some sort of adventure. Duration depends on what people want to do and trail conditions.

Fat bikes are not required, but can be pretty helpful. You really should have food, water, lights, and some spare clothing. Additionally, the well-equipped winter rider has pogies (big handlebar mounted over-mitt things), warm footwear, basic tools, pump, tube … that sort of thing.

Remember, every Sunday at noon. Unless it’s -25F or colder, we ride.

See you there!

[All photos on this page are courtesy of Heath Sandall, who is both a fantastic rider and phenomenal photographer.]