Winter Rides in Fairbanks

Just because it’s winter is no reason to stop riding! Winter fatbike tours are a great way to meet people, get some exercise, and learn about the winter trails around Fairbanks. Below are the regular fatbike tours we hold, as well as some other ones we know about. If you know of any more, please contact Eric Troyer: fbxcyclist (at) If you are new to winter cycling, check out our page on winter cycling.

Gear Needed: To ride in the winter, besides the bike, you also really should have food, water, lights, and some spare clothing. Additionally, the well-equipped winter rider has pogies (big handlebar mounted over-mitt things), warm footwear, basic tools, pump, tube…that sort of thing. Find out more on our Winter Riding Tips page.

Rent a Fatbike: Don’t have a fatbike? We know of a few places in town that rent them: Goldstream Sports, Beaver Sports, CanoeAlaska, Bankstown Bike and Ski, and UAF Green Bikes. Goldstream and Beaver also do occasional demo rides. 


Fairbanks Cycle Club Rides

Note: Rides are weather- and ride-leader dependent. Check ahead if you want to make sure they are happening as scheduled. All riders on FCC rides must be members of the Fairbanks Cycle Club (one-day memberships are available) and must wear a helmet. 


Semi-regular rides mostly held on Sundays, but occasional rides are held on Saturdays. Some are for beginners, others are for more advanced riders. We’ll let you know ahead of time. Check out the schedule on our SOS page.


Fatbike rides held most Tuesday nights during the winter when we have sufficient snowfall. These are intermediate-level rides, but we try to keep the pace brisk to stay warm. Find out more on our Fat Tire Tuesday Nights page


Hour-long rides starting at 10 a.m. on Sundays. Find out more on the ride page


Other Rides in the Fairbanks Area


DESCRIPTION: Beaver Sports offers an intermediate-level ride starting at the shop on Thursday evenings. They head out onto the ADMA/Creamer’s Field trails. They have some demo fatbikes that can be reserved.

START TIME AND PLACE: Thursdays at Beaver Sports; typical schedule is meet at 5:15, ride at 5:30, but call ahead to make sure.

DURATION: They try to make it back by 7 p.m. before the store closes.


MORE INFO: Check the Beaver Sports Facebook page (including the event page) for ride updates.

GOLDSTREAM SPORTS RIDES (Tuesdays and Saturdays)

DESCRIPTION: This is a hardcore ride. Riders on this one need at least advanced intermediate winter biking skills and you need to be fit. Make sure to bring bike lights, water and snacks. No temperature cut off.

START TIME AND PLACE: From Goldstream Sports; Tuesdays at 7 p.m.; Saturdays at 8 a.m.

DURATION: Usually about 1.5-2 hours and go 12 to 15 miles.




DESCRIPTION: Low-key, no-drop fatbike rides on area trails. These are alternated every other week with cross-country ski outings.

START TIME AND PLACE: Meetups are usually start at 6pm on Wednesdays. Place is often decided a day or two before the event.

DURATION: Usually about 2 hours.

CONTACT/MORE INFO: Website; Facebook page



UAF Green Bikes sometimes offers periodic winter rides around campus. Check their Facebook page for announcements.



Beaver Sports and Goldstream Sports also offer occasional fatbike demo rides. Watch their Facebook pages or the FCC Facebook page.


On Your Own Adventures

The Fairbanks area has a ton of places to go winter biking. Check out our page of Suggested Fatbike Rides in the Fairbanks Area. Knowing what the temperature and wind is doing is important for winter recreation. Here are several good sources of information.

Multi-day Rides

Want to combine fatbiking and winter camping? We recommend doing a cabin trip. A couple of great recreation areas are near Fairbanks. Check this page for more info. 


FCC Ride Leader Guidelines and Tools

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[All photos on this page are courtesy of Heath Sandall, who is both a fantastic rider and phenomenal photographer.]