Winter Rides

Hey, guess what? Just because it’s winter is no reason to stop riding! Several regular rides happen around Fairbanks. See the latest schedule below.

Fat bikes are not required, but can be pretty helpful. Don’t have a fatbike? We know of three places in town that rent them: Goldstream Sports, Beaver Sports, and CanoeAlaska. Goldstream and Beaver also do occasional demo rides. (If you are at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, check out UAF Green Bikes.) To ride in the winter, you also really should have food, water, lights, and some spare clothing. Additionally, the well-equipped winter rider has pogies (big handlebar mounted over-mitt things), warm footwear, basic tools, pump, tube … that sort of thing. Find out more on our Winter Riding Tips page.

Regular Winter Rides

For the 2019-20 winter check out our Regular Winter Rides in Fairbanks page.

Multi-day Rides

Want to combine fatbiking and winter camping? We recommend doing a cabin trip. A couple of great recreation areas are near Fairbanks. Check this page for more info. 

On Your Own Adventures

The Fairbanks area has a ton of places to go winter biking. Check out our page of Suggested Fatbike Rides in the Fairbanks Area

[All photos on this page are courtesy of Heath Sandall, who is both a fantastic rider and phenomenal photographer.]