Sundays on Snow (SOS)

FCC 2023-24 Sundays on Snow Fatbike Ride Schedule

Ride leaders: Varies

What: Guided fatbike rides on different trails throughout the Fairbanks area.

When and where: Start place and time varies. (Occasional rides may be held on Saturdays.) See schedule below.

Who: Fairbanks Cycle Club membership required. (Temporary memberships are available.)

How much? Just your FCC membership.

HELMETS mandatory. (If you’re used to wearing a thick hat, don’t worry. Wear a thin hat or buff. The combination of thin hat, helmet, and exertion should keep you warm.)

Visibility: WEAR bright or reflective clothing and lights, as rides may occasionally use roads. Please bring water, snack, and a simple tool kit. (You provide the bike. If you don’t have one, we have a list of places in town that rent fatbikes on our Winter Rides page.)

Dogs: Dogs are allowed ONLY if the ride is advertised as such. That will vary from ride to ride. Well-behaved dogs only please. If it’s allowed and you want to bring your dog, please consider attaching it to you or your bike. There are a number of products that allow you to bike with your dogs. Bikejoring is popular with many people. For joring equipment, check with local bike stores, Cold Spot Feeds, or Alaska Feed.

Other rides: If you want to go on group rides, but these rides don’t work for some reason, there are others in town. Check our Winter Rides page.

Want to go on your own? Try these suggestions.

If you’re new to winter cycling (or just want more info) check out our Winter Riding Tips page.

General questions:

(When viewing the calendar on your phone, you can turn your phone sideways.)

DateRide Leader(s)Start Place and TimeEstimated DifficultyEstimated Mileage or TimeNotes
Nov 12Eric Troyer ( a.m. at Tanana Lakes Rec AreaBeginner1 to 1.5 hoursMore details
Nov 19Erica Betts ( a.m. at LARS (Musk Ox Farm)Beginner/Intermediate1.5 to 2 hoursMore details
Nov 26Ginny Kinne ( a.m. at pullout next to Anne’s GreenhouseBeginner1 to 1.5 hoursMore details
Dec 3Erica Betts ( a.m. at Goldstream SportsBeginner / IntermediateCANCELED DUE TO COLD More details
Dec 10Eric Troyer ( a.m. at 2051 Pine Cone RoadIntermediate2-3 hoursMore details
Dec 17Travis Naibert ( a.m. at the end of Love RoadIntermediate1.5-3 hoursMore details
Dec 24 (tentative) Christmas Eve
Dec 31 (tentative) New Year’s Eve
Jan 7Eric Troyer ( a.m. at Tanana Lakes Rec AreaNovice/Beginner1 to 1.5 hoursMore info
Jan 14Eric Troyer ( a.m. at Goldstream SportsIntermediateAbout 2 hours/10 milesMore details
Jan 20 (Saturday) Pie Ride!Travis Naibert ( difficult30 miles (round-trip)More details
Jan 28
Feb 4Alyssa Enriquez ( details to come
Feb 11Dean Engelhaupt ( a.m. Goldstream Valley, Ballaine RoadIntermediate2 to 3 hours
More details
Feb 18Erica Betts ( Sports, 10 a.m.Beginner/Intermediate1.5 to 2 hoursMore details
Feb 25Eric Troyer ( Sports, 10 a.m.Intermediate1 to 2 hoursMore details
March 3Dean Engelhaupt ( Dorado Creek TrailheadIntermediateMore details
March 10Eric Troyer ( Rec Area, 10amBeginner, then Intermediate2-3 hoursMore details
March 17Travis Naibert ( near Two Rivers SchoolIntermediate3-4 hoursMore details
March 24Matt Layral ( entrance to Pioneer Park (by the pedestrian bridge near the Carlson Center)Beginner1.5-2 hoursMore details
March 31Easter Sunday – No Ride
April 7Evee Rynish ( entrance to Pioneer Park (by the pedestrian bridge near the Carlson Center)Beginner1.0-1.5 hoursHez Ray Roundabout