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By: Liam Wescott

(Note: This ride description is for a ride that we used to do as a Tuesday Night ride but now no longer do because many of the trails we used to ride on are now gone.  We keep this description and maps up as a historical document of a ride we no longer do.  There still are a few trails up on and around Chena Ridge, but subdivision are turning a lot of them into roads.  Read this description with that in mind)

Describing this ride is like describing a walk through the park. There are so many different trails, roads, powerlines, etc. on Chena Ridge that you could spend all day exploring and not find them all. The route described here differs very slightly from that which is mapped. The total distance will be around ten miles and will take you a couple of hours to complete at a leisurely pace.

Park down at the bottom of the hill, near Justastore or Water Wagon. Ride up Chena Ridge Road to the second left (I believe it is called Knightsbridge). Follow it for a little bit until you see a trail to the right. You will know it is the right one if it has a mate on the opposite side of Chena Ridge and there is a 'Trail Crossing' sign nearby. Take this trail through the woods until you get to a powerline. Turn left and go down until you come to a road. Turn right and follow it up past a large log home. There should be a section line crossing perpendicular to the road you are now on. Turn left here and drop down to the bottom of the hill. NOTE: be VERY careful coming down this trail! If you are an experienced cyclist, you shouldn't have too many problems, but if you're new to the sport, go easy. This trail is fairly technical and it is VERY easy to descend at speeds in excess of 30 mph. The condition of this trail can differ from year to year and even within a season. So, be careful when descending this trail!

(Addendum: As of July, 2005, this trail has been blocked off with large logs set across it at several locations down its length and there are a number of "Private!" and "No Trespassing" signs near the top of this trail so, for the time being, consider this trail to be off-limits)

You are now on Niilo Koponen's property (don't worry, he's fairly easy about that as long as you are quiet, leave everything undisturbed, and basically don't mess with his farming equipment). Go along past one of his fields, ride up through the woods for a bit and you will finally emerge either on Roland Road or West Chena Hills Drive. If you come out on Roland, turn right and ride up to the T intersection with Chena Hills Drive. You could ride up the switchback on West Chena Hills Drive up to the top of the ridge by turning right, but the much more fun way is to turn left and take East Chena Hills drive. You come to a road (Forrest Drive) and turn right there.

Go on up the hill, drop down a little ways, then cross over a new subdivision road (basically they extended Forrest Drive) that goes along the base of Chena Ridge.. Ride it up to where it turns in Ellesmere Drive and go uphill. You climb to the top of the ridge, then cross it. Then you pick up a dirt road going downhill. There should a trail dropping straight down the hill to your right. Take it until it meets up with a trail that contours along the ridge. Turn right there and follow it to another trail dropping straight down the hill.

Eventually, you will come out at the very bottom of the north side of Chena Ridge, where a ditch trail will take you over to Montana Drive. Follow it over to a powerline trail, take that uphill to Ligonberry and basically follow that out back to Chena Ridge Road. Either turn left and go back to your car or keep on going across the road to that same powerline you first turned onto on Knightsbridge. Follow that all the way down to the bottom of the hill. Eventually you come out by a FNSB transfer station. Then it's road riding back to your car.