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The Ryan-Henderson-Marathon-Saint-Pat's Loop

By: Liam Wescott

This is a fairly short and not too rigorous ride. It can easily be ridden in under two hours, one if you want a fast workout.

You can start at the Ester Community Park (as indicated on the map) or the easier way would be to go up to the big powerline on Henderson and park there. Ride out the powerline and take any number of trails that take off uphill from the powerline. Very shortly, these trails put you out by the Ryan Lode Mine. Ride through or around the mine to Henderson. Continue on up Henderson to Ester Dome Road. From there you could either drop all the way down Ester Dome Road or go across it and pick up the Equinox Marathon trail, which parallels Ester Dome Road and comes out near the bottom of the hill.

NOTE: if you do take the Marathon Trail Route, there are a couple things to be mindful of.  The bottom of this trail is kind of tricky and rooty and you'll probably want to lean back in the saddle and/or take it a tad easier coming down that part of the trail and when you come out onto Ester Dome Road, be EXTREMELY CAREFUL TO WATCH FOR TRAFFIC before shooting out onto Ester Dome Road!

Either way, you end up at the intersection of Ester Dome Road and St. Patricks Road. Turn at St. Patricks and follow it for the next three miles to Henderson and then take Henderson back to your car. Total distance is around 13 miles back to the park, 11 back to the powerline.