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By Liam Wescott

This is a fairly easy road ride that can be done in one lazy afternoon at a leisurely pace. As described here, it differs slightly from the map. Total distance is around 25 miles. NOTE: in recent years, the Department of Transportation has resurfaced parts of Ballaine and Goldstream Roads with chip seal , which leaves the road surface very rough and easy to get flats, especially on a road bike.

You can start it at several locations so for our purposes, let's start this ride at the Dog Musher's Hall on Farmer's Loop. Ride out westbound on Farmer's Loop for about three miles to Ballaine Road. Turn right and ride Ballaine. After about a mile and a half, you climb a quarter-mile climb straight up the hill and drop down the other side at speeds exceeding 40 miles an hour. Ride across Goldstream Valley to Goldstream Road. Turn right and head out toward Fox.

Just before you get to Fox proper and right after you cross over the pipeline there is a road going south. This is the Old Steese. Take it and ride up a gentle, rolling incline for about two miles. Along the way you will come to a road going straight up the hill. This is Skyridge. You can turn here, climb up to the top of the ridge, then drop down Summit Drive in an incredibly fast descent back to your car, but the fun way is to keep going on Old Steese.

Old Steese climbs up a short hill and you come to a weird three-way intersection (you will know what I mean when you see it) by a Catholic church. Take the road to the right (if you follow Old Steese eventually it comes out near the intersection of Farmer's Loop and the New Steese). This is McGrath Road. Follow it back to Farmer's Loop. Then it's about a mile and a half back to your car.