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Summer(?) and Winter: Rosie Creek Alternative Loop
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Note: This is probably a better winter ride than it is a summer ride, but we did it the first week of May (and got really muddy), so here it is.

Riding time is about 2-3 hours, assuming that you can ride most of it.

This ride is probably really good in March or July and August. September even. Much later and there is probably too much loose snow. May and June are too wet and full of bugs.

Start at Cripple Creek Rd and the Parks highway. Ride up the Parks, past the monument, even past the upper end of Old Nenana highway. Slow down though, and take the next left onto Rosie Creek Trail. This is a woodcutting road, so look out for trucks and other hazards. If the conditions are fast and dusty, keep in mind that you really shouldn't ride these roads as fast as you think you can. There've been a lot of accidents (dumb cyclists doing dumb things) on these roads. Be safe.

At the "Y", veer left. About two miles later, you'll find a large intersection. You may go straight (see this description), or turn left, which is what this is all about. Follow this woodcutting road for almost three miles. Look for a well used four wheeler trail veering off uphill, to your left. It should be clear that you are on the right path after a couple of tenths of a mile -- if it still goes, it's the right one. If it peters out in a pile of slash and cut logs, try again.

The trail drops a short distance, and gets progressively wetter (assuming summer season). At a four-way intersection, go left. You'll go through two more intersections. Resist the temptation to turn. Just keep heading the same direction though the intersections and you'll come out on Sonata in the Cripple Creek subdivision. Ride uphill and you'll soon come out at Cripple Creek and Isberg. Go left and in less than two miles, you'll be back at the start, ready for another lap.