Basic map

3-D view

Elevation profile

This is the second version of The Skyline Cyclocross and basically the only difference between this ride and the first version is that it gets off Farmer's Loop sooner and therefore has less pavement. It also loops back down the ridge where Rocky lives and makes a large, lazy figure-8 as shown on the map.  We (myself, Tom Clark, and Andi Hunter) mapped this version as an informal recreational ride in August of 2002. I will describe this ride up until the point where it merges into the route of the first version.

Start at the Dog Musher's Hall on Farmer's Loop.  Ride out to Ski Boot Hill Road and turn right. This is where the two versions of this ride part ways. The first version keeps on going down Farmer's Loop.  Follow this road up to Bruhn Road.  Turn left and follow it up the hill to where a power line parallels it to the right.  Get on this power line and follow it over to a little saddle.  A trail takes off through the woods to the left.  It has a mate on the other side of the power line that goes up the hill to the right.  Take note of the trail to the right; you will be seeing it again soon enough.  Turn left here and follow this trail through the woods.  Along the way you will come to a four-way intersection described in the first version of this ride.

At the end of this trail, you come to a paved road (Merlin Lane), about a mile past the power line.  Go down it to La Rue Lane and turn right.  Very shortly you will see a fairly major power line going directly west straight down the hill.  Follow it down for about 300 feet and turn right at a trail.  Follow it past Wolverine Lane. This is the Skarland Ski Trail System.  Take this trail all the way over to another four-way intersection where this ride merges into the first version of the Skyline Cyclocross ride.