Summer or Winter: Skyline Ridge
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Riding time should be between 1.5 and 3 hours, depending on intent. These trails are typically in very good condition, even in wet weather, though some of the roots might be tricky then. If you are doing this as a winter ride, be sensitive to trail use. If it looks like the trails are set for skiers, don't ride on the trails.

Start from the Dog Mushers Hall on Farmers Loop. Ample parking, scenic view. Go west on Farmers Loop, turn up Ski Boot Hill Road, veering left at the intersection and follow the road until you find a way onto the powerline just uphill of you. Continue west on the powerline, cross an intersecting powerline, then look for a trail to the left, just past a house.

Ride south at this point, ignoring instersections, until you join up with Wolverine. Follow Wolverine partway down the hill, slowly, looking for the trail that exits uphill to the right, maybe two-tenths of a mile down the road. Stay on this trail, going straight across the four-way intersection when you come to it. Eventually you come out on Red Fox. Ride up the hill, then turn right and follow Moose Trail all the way back to the top. Keep going straight on the powerline at the top. You should recognize where you are -- you were here at the beginning of this paragraph.

Head north, back towards the big powerline swath. Cross the powerline, riding uphill toward the old KUAC transmitter site. We pick your way past the transmitter, riding between a couple of bollards installed in the trail. Ride this trail (veering right at a "Y") all the way up to to just short of a subdivision road, (Rocky Top or Pika, or whatever it is called). You'll notice a couple of trails here, that might even be labled. The one to the sorth is the "After Hours Trail". Go for it. The better your technical, downhilling skills, the faster you'll be able to take it. There's a few hairpins, so be forewarned. At the bottom of the trail, ride back up the dirt road and you'll find yourself at the "Y" you previously went through. Turn left, and climb back up to the top again. This time, take the trailhead to the south (the Secret Trail). This is roughly a contour trail, so if you suddenly find yourself bombing straight down the hill, you've made a bum turn.

Eventually, after much trail-induced happiness, you'll come out on the powerline that supplies the old KUAC transmitter. As mapped, go down this hill, crossing the "KUAC transmitter road", and take a hard left on the powerline that you originally came up, hours ago. Stay on this powerline until it dumps you out on a dirt road. There were a few downed aspens to jump or ride over, huh?

At Ski Boot Hill road, turn downhill to Farmers Loop and turn left, back to the Mushers Hall. Nice!