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By Liam Wescott

This is a very challenging and technically difficult but also very fun ride. It is not recommended for beginners and you should bring plenty of food and water because this ride will tax you and your bike.  Having a full suspension is a good thing to have for this ride!  It can be done in less than three hours by a determined rider or group of riders, four or five hours if you take it slow and mellow.

Start at the Vallata Restaurant at the intersection of Ballaine and Goldstream.  Take the road going up the hill behind the restaurant. The road comes up to and parallels an airstrip for about a half mile or so. Follow it to the end and pick up a trail going off into the woods which takes you on a tough, uphill climb for about a half mile.  You then come out by a military radio antenna. Follow the subdivision road (Green Leaf) to the end (roughly a half mile or so) to where a driveway and powerline go off the hill to the left.

You should see a path going straight into the woods. Take it and after a few hundred feet, you come to an intersection with another trail. Turn right and follow this trail for the next four or five miles until it puts you out on Old Murphy Dome Road. This trail can be ridden for most of its distance, but there are several long parts that are extremely bumpy, rooty, and technical. You come out on Old Murphy Dome Road just about exactly nine miles into the ride.

Turn right on Old Murphy Dome Road and continue for about two miles to the pipeline corridor. Turn right and ride it for about three-quarters of a mile. Along the way, you will pass a trail going down the hill. This takes you down to Eldorado Creek and unless you like slogging through mud, skip it. Take the second right (the Pack Trail). If you are so inclined, you can continue down the pipeline corridor all the way back to Fox. However, the very end of that trail is EXTREMELY steep and not recommended for beginners.

Assuming that you take the Pack Trail, you climb a very short little hill and then have a long, gradual three mile descent down a badly rutted road with several deep puddles. This puts you out on Waterford Drive (above Goldstream Road). At this point, you can either turn left down Waterford to get to Goldstream or you can continue on straight on Molly Lane for about a mile or so to Clifden which comes out on Goldstream about a quarter mile before Eldorado Creek. Ride down Goldstream for three more miles back to the Vallata. Total distance is about 20 miles.