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Ridden as one of the Tuesday Night rides, this is a fun one. Distance is about 20 miles, with about 2000 feet of elevation gain. No swamps, but there can be mud.  This ride can be completed in under three hours by a determined rider or group of riders, but most people or larger groups take four hours or longer to do it.

Start at Valley Center at 24 mile Chena Hot Springs Road. Ride up the road a quarter mile, and turn right on Burgandy Drive.  Follow it past several driveways until you pick up a trail that continues on up the hill. It is a 4-wheeler trail, and easy to see. Be prepared for a tough climb... Make sure that you can get on your little chain ring. If you keep your wits about you, save energy and it isn't raining, you may be able to ascend to the top without putting a foot down. Most folks have to dab here and there, or even push some sections.

At the top, there is a three-way intersection. Go left, down a fun descent, and up the other side, 100% rideable. Down again, but be prepared to hit the brakes and make another left. The descent gets steep, so you need good brakes and you need to get way back on the bike. At the bottom, you'll be either in or near a gravel pit, next to Chena Hot Springs Road and right across the street from the North Pole Grange Road.  Cross the road here and follow the grange road down for about 50 yards until you pick up a trail going off to the right.

On the trail, ride for over half a mile, until you intersect with a dirt road/driveway thing. Go left. Follow this dirt road for over two miles, dodging puddles and trying to either splash your friends or force them into a puddle. This is dirt road riding at its best. While riding this dirt road, look for a corner with a big puddle, where a good sized trail crosses. Make note of it. You'll take this on your way back. After a while, a lake/slough thing appears on your left. You'll come to a three way intersection; go right.

You'll cross a bridge (there's two, you have your choice) and bomb along a trail to the bottom of Jenny M Hill. At a three way intersection, go right, which will lead you along a short flat trail, which pretty quickly turns into another fine climb. This one is not so bad to come up. Keep in mind that you'll be coming back down this, so if there are big nasty ruts, be sure to take those sections easy on the return trip. The trail flattens out and becomes rolling terrain for almost a mile, fun riding.

Eventually you will come to a sort of clearing, where the trail forks.  One fork goes on straight ahead of you and the other veers off to the right. Go either way, keeping your wits about you. The descents are tricky, and full of surprises. If you take the right, keep making left hand turns on major trails. If you take the left fork, keep making right hand turns. The idea is to get back to this cleared area. Once back, it's time to head back the way you came.  NOTE: the left (straight) fork is a technical descent that has several large ruts, chuckholes, roots, etc. hidden in the grass and it requires an above-average bike handling ability to descend at speed.  If you aren't sure or are new to the sport, take it a bit easy going down this hill.

Across the top, down the hill, back out the road past the lake/slough thing, and up the road about a mile, looking for the trail that you took note of earlier. Find it? Go right, which takes you directly east. The trail goes through a big field, and comes out on the other side on a dirt road. Keep going, and when the road swings sharply to the north, follow it. You'll ride this almost all the way back to CHSR. You'll see the gravel pit on the other side of the road...

Right before you climb up to the pavement, you'll see a 4-wheeler trail on your right that parallels the road. Follow it back to the cars. There are a lot of driveways intersecting this trail, so watch for traffic. This is a fun trail that can be ridden fast, and can be fraught with mud hazards, increasing the fun factor. Back at the cars, ride a victory lap on the go-cart track.