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This is a brilliant afternoon ride that is guaranteed to give you a workout. Starting at Ivory Jacks in Goldstream, ride big chain rings out Goldstream Road, heading northeast. Just prior to passing Eldorado Creek at the bottom of the big hill, look for a trail off to the left. You'll know you've found it if it appears to have a mate on the opposite side of the road. Follow the trail, headed north, northeast. This could well be pretty boggy in the summer, but you could brag after doing it. Head all the way on up, past a disintegrating cabin, all the way to the pipeline corridor. Go left, and join up with Old Murphy Dome Road. You'll stay on Old Murphy Dome, headed west, for about 4 miles or so. Be on the lookout for a trailhead that drops off to the south. You should find it about 100-200 yards prior to the intersection of a subdivision road, also off to the south. Take the trailhead down a steep descent, and a bumpy trail that will eventually join up with Jones Road. Follow Jones Road south, back to Ivory Jacks.