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Elevation profile

This is a fairly straightforward ride that can be done in under two hours by a determined rider or group of riders. By necessity it is a winter ride (though you could do it in summer if you change the route a bit and/or don't mind slogging through a few miles of swamps and/or bogs). Start at Ivory Jacks on Goldstream. Take the road going down behind Ivory Jacks toward Ballaine. Hook up with the powerline down a ways in the valley. Follow it down to Dawn Lane then turn left at Harper's Road (or whatever it's called). Turn left when you get to Miller Hill Extension and then right at the first big snowmachine trail off to the right. Follow it all the way across the valley to Ballaine. Cross Ballaine and take the trail going off toward Skyline Ridge. Along the way you will cross a bridge going over Goldstream Creek.

When you get to the 'five trails' intersection, take the trail going uphill. This will climb up the hill and more or less parallels Ballaine Road. It finally puts you out on the bottom of Eldorado. Take that up to Moose Trail, climb Moose Trail to the end, pick up the trail at the end of Moose Trail, cross the powerline and pick up a trail going up through the woods. After a gentle climb, you come out on a road. This is the access road to the KUAC television transmitter.

Go past the transmitter and tower. There is a trail going straight down the hill immediately behind the tower. You could take that but the better way is to keep going down the saddle of the ridge where a trail spurs off to the left. Follow it downhill (about a half-mile or so) to where there is a clearing and an old dilapidated bus. The trail then drops straight down the hill, and after a few twists and turns, comes out at the bottom of the ridge where it intersects the main trail that skirts alongside the north side of the ridge.

Take this trail back toward Ballaine and at the first major fork, go right. This trail is the same one you came in on. Cross the bridge, then cross Ballaine and then either go back out the trail going across the valley or go up Ballaine to Trice thence to Goldstream and back to Ivory Jacks. The total distance is around 13 miles and you can do it in under two hours. Note: the trail down behind the ridge can be in variable condition depending on the frequency of snowmachine traffic. It's a good idea to let some air out of your tires before descending. As I say, a good chunk of this ride can be ridden in the summer, if you don't mind slogging through a few swamps and bogs.