Basic map

3-D view

Elevation profile

By: Tom Clark

This is, by necessity, is a winter ride (though some crazy mud lovers could probably manage to ride most of it). Start at Ivory Jacks amd ride west to O'Brian road (or whatever it is called) and head south on O'Brian, out the commuter trail to the rail road tracks at Sheep Creek Road near Anne's Greenhouse. Cross Sheep Creek Road, and continue south along the tracks, following the trail as when it veers away from the tracks. At a "Y" intersection, go straight (as shown on the map) or veer right to shorten the ride some and go up the Boat Trail. This is shown on the map as a red line. Both ways are beautiful rides through the woods. Assuming that you go straight, keep going, and at your next "Y" intersection, veer to the right, keeping on the main trail. Eventually, you come out on the Fort Knox powerline, where you turn right and follow the powerline all the way to Ester Dome Road.

If you took the alternative way up the Boat Trail, you'll also hook up on the Fort Knox powerline, at a four-way intersection. Turn right here, and follow the powerline to Ester Dome Road.

At Ester Dome Road, cross the road and follow Schlosser north until it peters out and turns into a trail just before a private residence. Follow the big powerline north-west, crossing Goldstream Creek in the process. Continue until crossing the rail road tracks, and turn right, following the trail east. This will take you past a colorful Alaskan home, and eventually intersect with Sheep Creek Road, close to the entrance to Murphy Dome road. Cross the road, and follow mushing trails back to Ivory Jacks.

This is a short ride, but fun.