FCC Fat Tired Tuesday Nights

The FTTN season is done for the 2023-24 winter season. We will start again next winter.

Feeling tired? Well come out and get some re-energizing exercise! Getting out for a bike ride after work or school is a great way to relax and stay healthy.

What: FCC’s Fat Tired Tuesday Nights are intermediate-level rides held on most Tuesdays during the winter. The rides last between one and two hours. We’ll announce details and cancellations via FCC email (sent to all members) and our Facebook page.

Intermediate level? Well, definitely not for beginners. But not top-level hammer rides either. Still, we try to keep up a brisk pace so that we can stay warm. These are no-drop rides, so if the group starts to split up significantly we will try to break it into two groups. We don’t want anyone waiting for long.

When: Most Tuesdays through the winter. Rides start at 6 p.m. Try to get there a little early. We want to get started as soon as we can to stay warm!

Where: Starting places vary and are determined several days before the ride, depending on forecasted conditions. (Check the schedule below. We’ll also announce via FCC email and our Facebook page.) We try to avoid low places during deep cold and aim for more trafficked trails after significant new snowfall. If it looks like a slogfest, we may cancel. We’re not masochists.

Routes are not set in stone and may change that evening. We try to pick meeting places that have choices.

Who: Rides are open to all FCC members. Temporary memberships are available.

How much? Just your FCC membership.

HELMETS mandatory. If you’re used to wearing a thick hat, don’t worry. Wear a thin hat or buff. The combination of thin hat, helmet, and exertion should keep you warm.

Visibility: WEAR bright or reflective clothing and lights, as rides may occasionally use roads. Also, please bring water, snack, and a simple tool kit. (You provide the bike. If you don’t have one, we have a list of places in town that rent fatbikes on our Winter Rides page.)

Dogs: Dogs are allowed ONLY if the ride is advertised as such. That will vary from ride to ride. Well-behaved dogs only please. If it’s allowed and you want to bring your dog, please consider attaching it to you or your bike. There are a number of products that allow you to bike with your dogs. Bikejoring is popular with many people. For joring equipment, check with local bike stores, Cold Spot Feeds, or Alaska Feed.

Other rides: If you want to go on group rides, but these rides don’t work for some reason, there are others in town. Check our Winter Rides page.

Want to go on your own? Try these suggestions.

If you’re new to winter cycling (or just want more info) check out our Winter Riding Tips page.

General questions: fbx.cycle.club@gmail.com

DateStart point
11/21/2023Goldstream Valley – Start from Ivory Jack’s parking lot
11/28/2023Ester Dome Singletrack – Start from ED Singletrack parking lot off Ester Dome Road
12/05/2023Goldstream Valley – Start from Anne’s Greenhouse pullout
12/12/2023Goldstream Valley – Start from Ivory Jack’s parking lot
12/19/2023Waterford Trail – From parking pullout on Molly Road near intersection with Waterford
12/26/2023North side Goldstream trails from Ballaine Road parking area
01/02/2024Goldstream Valley loop to the west from Ivory Jack’s
01/09/2024Skyline Ridge Park from top of Ski Boot Hill Road . Please do not block access to towers.
01/16/2024In and around UAF from the UAF Taku Parking Lot (Park in most northern corner, close to Farmer’s Loop.)
01/23/2024Waterford Trail – From parking pullout on Molly Road near intersection with Waterford
01/30/2024Roșie Creek Ruckus
02/06/2024Ester Dome Singletrack
02/13/2024Tanana River boat launch off Chena Pump Road
02/20/2024Ken Kunkel Community Center
02/27/2024Roșie Creek Ruckus REMIX
03/05/2024Ivory Jack’s
03/12/2024End of Richard Berry Drive
03/19/2024Ester Dome Singletrack
03/26/2024Pullout near Ann’s Greenhouses