Greetings trail enthusiasts,
After December 31 st there will be two vacancies on the Trails Advisory Commission (TAC). This board advises Fairbanks North Star Borough administration on matters relating to trails within the Borough. The TAC is especially tasked with reviewing and updating the Comprehensive Recreational Trails Plan as needed. For more information on the commission see: ( )
For even more info about the TAC and a copy of the Comprehensive Recreational Trails Plan, see the links at the bottom of this page:
If you are interested in a hands-on role in guiding local trails policy, you are encouraged to attend and observe a TAC meeting then apply to be a commissioner. The next public meeting is scheduled for 6:00pm on December 12 th at the Pioneer Park Centennial Arts Building in the Blue Room on the third floor (meeting agenda attached).
Please contact the FNSB Trails Coordinator Bryant Wright (459-7401; ) for more information on applying.  Thanks for your interest!
Bryant Wright
Trails Coordinator
Fairbanks North Star Borough
Parks & Recreation Dept.
Phone: 907-459-7401 ( tel:(907)%20459-7401 )