The Tuesday Night Mountain Bike Rides (aka Doug Rides) will be starting on May 15.
In an effort to get home a bit earlier, we will be starting the rides at 7pm. In the past we have started gathering at 7pm and left at some point after that. So, this season if you want to chat, get your bike ready, or whatever, make sure to get there early, like 6:45 or so.
Due to some vacations, some of the “official” ride leaders may not be at a couple of the rides. Not to worry. There are almost always some regulars who show up and know the routes. And if not? That’s called an Explore Night!
To join in these rides you need to wear a helmet and be a member of the Fairbanks Cycle Club. Not a member yet? Haven’t renewed yet? Do it now!
Don’t know what the Tuesday Night Rides are? Check out the cool new FCC website and use the “Rides” drop down menu.